Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday Loves!  This week started off a bit rough.  Despite my weekend of rest I was still sick for Monday and Tuesday.  I went to work on Monday and was so miserable that I wound up spending Tuesday in bed snuggled up with Jeter.  Thank goodness I now feel 100% better!

Today I am linking up with AmandaDarci and Della for my Friday faves.  Let’s jump right in…

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I started binge-watching this on Bravo on Demand during my bed rest and I am TOTALLY HOOKED!  It is so good!  If you don’t watch it…you should!  

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift looked totally gorg at the Brit Awards!  Her dress is Roberto Cavalli Atelier.  Love.

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 On Wednesday I got to visit the Dove Friendship Suite.  They teamed up with Rocksbox to host a gifting lounge.  I was able to snag some samples of their new dry deodorant.  I am wearing today and it is AWESOME!  I also got the opportunity to learn more about Rocksbox and their subscription jewelry service.  I checked out their pieces and even choose a gorgeous necklace to keep!  It was a hard decision but I went with the sparkly clear number on the lower left hand side.  I am wearing it on date night tomorrow!

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Uncle Jacks

Speaking of date night – the hubby and I are going to our belated Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend!  We will be dining at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse.  It is our favorite NYC spot and I am salivating just thinking about it!  

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crazycatlady_1024x1024How cute is this shirt?  Definitely just bought it.  I cant wait for it to come!  It is purrrrrfect.  (See what I did there?  Hehe!)

Alright babes, have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Jenn

    Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce is a great show–I love it too! Too bad the season finale was this week πŸ™
    T Swift is always so classic…I just adore her! And those necklaces are so pretty!!!!
    Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

  2. lkn106

    You need that shirt, it is so awesome! I just finished GGTD, soooo good! I just didn’t get how they randomly got rid of one character? Have so much fun on your date night!!! xoxoxo

  3. Jessi Otey

    I haven’t seen that show!!

    T-Swift has literally been slaying the red carpets lately!

    Also, my friend would kill for that shirt! haha Love it! Happy weekend girl! xoxo

  4. HEATHER My Little HEA

    Awe, that shirt is cute! I’m not a cat person but I have friends that are and I will definitely be pointing that out to them. Taylor looks stunning! Gosh I love her. Have fun on your date night! We’re still trying to do birthday dinners from end of January beginning of February because as soon as we plan one someone gets sick! Have a great weekend!

  5. Kate @ Green Fashionista

    I had no idea what the Brit awards were, until everyone was talking about Ed Sheeran yesterday πŸ˜›

    Glad you’re feeling better, and super jealous that you got to attend the Dove-Rocksbox event. I got an email for it, but they’re only holding them in NYC and LA neither of which are remotely close to me. You picked a gorgeous piece!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  6. Kristen

    ok i need that tshirt in my life.
    love all of those necklaces, how fun that you got to keep one!
    hope you all had a lovely date night (that restaurant sounds amazing!) and glad you are feeling 100% better!

  7. Sara

    Taylor Swift is so fierce. I want her stylist to style me all day everyday!! Hope your vday dinner was amazing! Can’t believe I’m a week behind!!


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