Happy Friday!


Happy Weekend Loves!  This week was nice and short because of the holiday on Monday and I have to say I wish they could all be this way.  The days flew by and the weather was pleasant.  I have no complaints.

Today I am linking up with April, Amanda and Della for Friday Faves.  Here goes:

1.  May Book.  I ordered my first planner last June and I cant believe it but it has already been almost a year!  A lot of the people in my life are incredulous when I whip out my May Book.  They wonder why I don’t track things electronically but I am old school.  I like to see things all laid out on my calendar and write them in in different color pens.  I tried to use a planner function in my iPhone a while back and it lost two appointments on me.  I know I entered them properly and then poof.  They were just gone.  After that I could not completely trust technology when it came to my schedule.  When I write things in my May Book I know they are not going to disappear.  Plus, I am a sucker for a monogram.  I just ordered this one:

May Designs May Book Planner

 2.  Sole Society Koa Sandals.  I kept seeing these on Pinterest and I finally dove in and bought them.  I am pretty tall so I tend to wear flats a lot and I love when I can find some that are pretty and interesting.  

sole society koa sandals

 3.  Samantha Faye Bracelet.  My BFF is the best person ever.  She is super smart, has a wonderful sense of style, is a fabulous Mom and Wife and is SO SO thoughtful and kind.  I could literally go on and on about her.  She is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.  In January of this year she spent a few weeks in Nepal building houses with Habitat for Humanity.  She fell totally in love with the people there and was absolutely devastated when the earthquake hit in April.  She has been actively seeking ways to help rebuild and has partnered with Samantha Faye to create a gorgeous bracelet.  35% of the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity Nepal.  I am so proud of her and her generous spirit.

Samantha Faye Nepal bracelet

 4.  Haircut.  If you guys follow along on Instagram you will have seen my new haircut!  I just wanted to take a second here to say thank you!  I was playing with the idea of getting my hair cut and after mentioning it last week for H54F, the overwhelming encouragement that I received really put me over the edge.  I don’t think I would have done it otherwise and I am glad I did because I love it!  It is so much easier to style in the morning and it feels fresher and more intentional than having a long, dead mop of frizz hanging around.  You guys rock!

Pamela Bannon A Little Glitter Alittleglitter

5.  Trader Joes Finds.  I went to TJs over the weekend on my way back from Target (#momlife) and I found two things that I have to share:

Trader Joes Cold Brew Coffee

This Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is da bomb.  (Yes, I am totally bringing that back.)  You put two parts water and one part coffee over ice and flavor with milk and sugar to your liking.  I make myself a nice iced coffee every morning for my commute and I am obsessed with the flavor. Everyone might not enjoy it as much as I do, but that’s fine. If you love cold brew coffee as much as I do, Meet JoeFroyo. Through a company like this, you’ll be able to find cold brew coffee, which is gluten and lactose free! What more could you ask for! This type of drink is great for the hotter months. Once you start, you won’t be able to get enough.
 I highly recommend this!

Trader Joes Snickerdoodles

Oh Em Gee.  I almost don’t want to share these with you right now because I know it is bikini season but I cant keep my excitement contained on this one.  Taylor and I overheard a lady asking one of the store clerks where these were because she had them at a party and they were amazing.  We immediately followed them and picked up a box ourselves because we are vultures like that.  After we got home and had lunch we proceeded to eat the ENTIRE BOX.  My poor husband was doing laundry and I kept calling to him to come into the kitchen and try one of these most delicious cookies and he told me to save him one.  I literally had to get up and walk him over the last cookie because Taylor and I couldn’t be trusted not to wolf it down.  If you see these you have to buy them.  You are welcome in advance.

Okay lovies!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

16 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Biana @ Blovedboston

    Loving everything on your favorites this week! I’m old school too and have about 4 notebooks going at one time…I also love pens!!! Your hair looks amazing and I love the new flats you bought!!! Happy Weekend girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Andrea Nine

    Great faves!! Whoohoo. Do I ever need those sandals! And I’ve been wanting a bracelet like that!!! Beautiful notebook too where I’d be making lists about my lists. Lol Happy Friday!!


  3. Christine

    I am totally with you on the paper planner thing. I finally got my Erin Condren this month and I don’t know what I would do without it now!

  4. B @ The Sequin Notebook

    There is seriously no better way to track things and plan than with an old school calendar and colored pens – I’m never making the electronic switch! I’m glad to hear you like that cold brew from TJ because I’ve been tempted by it pretty much every week for the past month but have been hesitant to try it out. Now that I know it’s “da bomb” (keep trying to bring it back!!), I’ll have to pick some up!

  5. lkn106

    Your hair looks amazing! I love it on you! I also love the TJ’s cold brew (the best invention ever!) and those cookies because they are g-free! Next time you’re at Target look for the Oh Wow brand. They are the exact same (TJ’s knocked them off) and try their lemon flavored ones. They disappear even faster 😉

  6. Marie

    I love the May Planners. I have two of them. I use to use my iPhone as my planner but I didn’t like it. I have to write things down, helps me remember them better. Totally old school. You hair looks fantastic!! Love it.
    Those cookies are so good!! They are always sold out of them at my TJ’s and I’m ok with that. haha. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Becky @ bybmg

    Such a cute new May Book! I ordered the one with no dates, just blank weeks, and I just started using it as my blog planner! Love it!

    Those cookies sound freaking amazing. I need to get to Trader Joes soon!

  8. Nadine

    Girl your hair is so fabulous!!!!! SO FABULOUS!!! I love love love double puffy heart love it! And ummm I want that iced coffee and those cookies right meow! I love that you and Taylor stalked them to find it. Something I totally would have done. I cannot wait for TJ’s to open up here. I have missed it so much. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

  9. Kate @ Green Fashionista

    Loving your hair gurlie! And I completely agree, I love having a physical planner where I can jot things down on paper. If that makes me old school than oh well! I love technology, but I don’t use it for everything.

    Happy Friday <3

  10. Kristen

    seriously though, your hair looks absolutely flawless. love it.
    i had iphone delete appointments too!!! rude. i don’t care if it’s old school, my planner never betrays me haha. have a good weekend girlfriend!

  11. Pamela

    Still obsessed with your new hair! SO pretty!!! And loving that pretty bracelet! I still haven’t checked out that cold brew but I really need to! I only drink iced coffee so I think that would be perfect for me! Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes


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