Happy Friday!


Happy Friday you guys!  This weekend is all about packing, packing and more packing for me.  I am moving next Saturday into my new apartment and I have not even put ONE single thing in a box.  Pray for me because I am a hot mess!  I THINK everything should work out fine in the end though.  The apartment is starting to come together and I am really excited to finally live there!

 Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for my Friday Favorites!  Here goes…

1. Not Stressing.  There have been a lot of snafus happening this week involving paint.  I don’t know why.  I am just jinxed I guess.  The first issue was when the paint at Home Depot got screwed up somehow and my landlord painted my kitchen and hallway…PURPLE.  I walked in and had a mini-heart attack.  I was so traumatized that I didn’t even photograph it.  Thankfully, he fixed it and it already is the lovely shade of Benjamin Moore Tranquility that I originally requested.

 The second issue came when I picked colors for my Master Bedroom.  I showed you guys this inspiration swatch:


In reality it turned out like this:

2015-11-18 08.14.08

I would love to tell you that it was less bright in person.  It wasn’t.  It was actually way worse…like blinding.  Which leads me to my mantra in these past few days….


I have a painter coming in on Saturday to prime and paint my crazy looking bedroom.  Thank Goodness!

2.  New Direction.  I think I am going to go with something more like this:

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The second color may be the one.  It is Benjamin Moore’s Sugarcane.  Has anyone ever used it?

3.  Lighting.  I snatched up two of these gold lovelies for my master bedroom!  I am so excited about it because I had them in my cart at Target.com but when I went to check out they were gone and sold out!  I was so bummed but I looked back this afternoon and was able to buy them!  Woot woot! 


4.  Chalk Paint.  I scoured the internet and went to tons of furniture stores but I was not able to find a kitchen table and chairs that was right for my kitchen.  Then, I stumbled upon a solid wood set on a website like shoppok that would be perfect but needs to be painted and I bought it (despite not being particularly handy or having any experience painting anything).  I am going to do that tonight using chalk paint and it should be an experience.  I have been reading tons of tutorials on Pinterest and I am eager to see it turns out fabulous or winds up being a Pinterest Fail.


5.  Vanity.  I just found this one on Spoonful of Style (she has amazing taste) and realized it was from Ikea!  I love it and it is so affordable!  I really want to get more organized in my new place with where I do my makeup.  Right now I sit on the floor and use my full length mirror.  I spread my makeup out and Jeter steals various brushes and then I have to stop what I am doing to chase him.  It is a disaster.


Alright my loves, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  xo

24 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Pamela, your new place is going to be gorgeous! Don’t worry, it will all come together and it will be spectacular! I will pray that the whole packing and moving process goes smoothly for you and I hope you have some wonderful moments this weekend sweet and beautiful lady!

  2. Sara

    Whoa there! That’s totally bright!! You should have left the entry way purple. 😉 j/k. You might check out BM pink damask. It was a really pretty color… and another shade deeper was Pink Bliss. Glad you found the lamp!!

  3. Jenn@Going the Distance

    I love that make up desk! It’s so pretty!! Sorry that the paint situation has been less than stellar. Hopefully it will all come together, and luckily, it’s just paint (and some extra work) to fix it. Hope the weekend is less of a pain in the you-know-what!

  4. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    Your new place is going to be beautiful, don’t worry. Those light pink colors are really pretty. Reminds me of the colors that my sister had in her apartment in NY. Love that vanity and that lamp that you got too. Good luck with your packing and I hope that you have some time for some fun! 🙂

  5. Nadine

    Ohhh I love Benjamin Moore Tranquility!!!! And that second color you picked for the new one in your bedroom is beautiful too!!! I never thought about looking for a vanity at Ikea!!! I stand at my bathroom counter and do it currently and had thought about getting a piece of furniture to store it on or sit at or something. Best wishes getting everything packed up. I am sure it will turn out just fine!!!!

  6. Lindsay

    I cannot even with the pain. Good for you for keeping your cool because I would have lost my shizz! Your apt is going to look so fab and I adore Sugarcane! I have been thinking of trying to do my bedroom in it but don’t think it would work on paneling. It’s a fabulous color!!!

  7. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

    Oh goodness! The pink room came out completely different from what you would expect. Thankfully you’re getting it fixed and the purple walls! This is why all the walls in my house are still the original color from when I bought it. Don’t trust myself. Hope you get through with your packing etc this weekend.

  8. Jess

    I love your style based on the paint swatches and the vanity pics… but I can see where that particular pink might have been a bit on the blinding side. Yikes! I love the quotes you posted too, and that’s awesome that you’re just taking everything in stride. What else can you do? Hope you have a great weekend, and good luck packing!

  9. Lisa Pray

    Benjamin Moore tranquility to purple??!!! Girl, I love you because I would have died too, lol… I’ll be praying that you get everything done that you need to – moving is not for the faint of heart!!

  10. kristen

    oh my goodness, that is very bright pink paint. haha. sometimes you need to try something before you realise nope, it’s not gonna work lol. and purple! woah. glad it got sorted! love the new inspiration and that vanity is gorgeous.


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