Happy Friday!


Oh em gee it is FINALLY Friday!  Did anyone else feel like this was the longest week in the history of the World?  This weekend is not too packed and I am spending some time at the spa (which I definitely need).

Today, I am linking up with April, Amanda and Della for Friday Favorites.  Let’s jump right in:

1. Taylor Swift’s Apple Commercial.  

 Taylor is already one of my faves and the fact that she can make fun of herself makes me love her even more!

2. Sephora Sale Picks.  The big Sephora sale started yesterday and I took advantage of my 15% off!  I bought:

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads thanks to Christina‘s suggestion!


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (I apologize but I cant remember who suggested this to me!)


Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler so I can pick a Summer scent!


3.  Trump Steak Video.  My friend shared this the other day and I could not stop laughing.  The tiny tan doll’s hands!  Bwahahaha!  Love Donald or hate him, I think we can all agree that this video is hilarious!

4.  A Beautiful Mess’ Furry Chair Makeover and DIY Marquee Sign.  I am totally geeking out over these two projects!  I am not sure which I love more or why I am not sitting on a pink, furry chair right now!


5.   Halston Heritage Parfait Pleats Dress.  How cute is this for a Summer event?  Rent the Runway has the most adorable backless dresses right now!

HA204frontHA204 Okay loves, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Monday! xo

20 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Happy Friday beautiful!! Such a fun Friday Favs!! Oh I just love TSWift and that commercial had me laugh til my side hurt with the steak one. What an amazing dress, I can see your pretty long legs in this hot mama!! I want that fuzzy chair office to me mine!! So fun!! Have an amazing weekend!!

  2. Kindly Unspoken

    That dress is beautiful! And I really love the marquee sign as well! T-Swift is my girl, so I totally agree she always does a great job with PR. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. emelia

    OMG Chuck, Ethan & I watched that video 3 times in a row just laughing and laughing…SO funny! I just ordered my Sephora stuff and I’m loving that you got the perfume sampler. I always get it for Christmas as a gift so I get a new perfume every year, it’s so fun. Hope you h ave a great weekend!

  4. Kait

    That RTR dress is PERFECTION! I had a weird experience with them the last time I used them (they sent me a ripped, dirty dress), but their dresses are always so beautiful!

  5. kristen

    omg that dress is so pretty! i needed a pink dress for Oaks, if I am going, and I was looking at RTR yesterday but didn’t see that one. and i love taylor’s commercial, she is so funny!


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