Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!  This week was so super busy for me (in a good way) and because of that it has just flown by.  I am heading out to Long Island this weekend and next so I had a ton of things to finish up before my trips.  I finally took T school shopping and she got a ton of gorgeous clothes and shoes.  It is so funny to see the latest trends.  I bought her some things I also had when I was younger.  It’s so odd how fashion has come full circle.  She is so close to being my size and I cant wait until I can borrow all of her stuff.  Haha!

 Today, I am linking up with April and Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here are mine for this week:

1. New Hair

In case you missed my Insta post, I got my hair done!  I was terrified that it would turn into a total disaster but it came out exactly as I wanted.  It looks very blonde in the pic above but the top is actually a little more of an ash blonde so when my roots grow in it wont be as dramatic.  I was shocked to see how dry my hair looked in the before picture!  I am on the hunt for a VERY moisturizing hair mask or leave in conditioner.  Does anyone have one to recommend?

2. Teen Mom OG


Does anyone else watch this?  I am not a huge reality show person but I have always loved Caitlyn and Macy (and even trainwreck Amber).  This is my favorite guilty pleasure reality show and I cant wait to see what is in store for this season.

3. Diner En Blanc


Diner En Blanc is returning to NYC on September 15th!  I have not gotten to go yet but I think (fingers crossed) that this may be my year!  I get the chance to buy my tickets next week so I will definitely update after that.

4. C25K


I have successfully completed week 2 of C25K and I would like to brag about the fact that I can run 90 seconds without dying.  I know that is not a big deal to you guys but for me it is huge! Stay tuned for next week when I am expected to run 2 minutes at a time.  Yikes.

5. New Workout Tanks



To reward myself for my stellar athletic achievements (hehe!) I bought the two tanks above (the good vibes one is turquoise).  Yay for looking cute at the gym!

Okay loves!  Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Nadine

    Oh my goodness your hair!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and you are making me want to go blonde! LOVE!!!! And get on with you and your bad ass self with your C25K!!! Get it girl!

  2. Sierra

    Happy Friday! Loving your hair! They did such a good job. We’re doing diner en blanc in Jersey on the 10th for my birthday celebration. I have no clue what we’re getting into since all of us will be first timers, but I hear it is a lot of fun! Enjoy your weekend in Long Island. Beautifully Candid


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