Happy Friday!


Woo Hoo!  Friday!  I feel like this was a super long and busy week.  I would love a few days to lay on the couch and watch TV but I am heading out to Hershey Park with Taylor and a group of our friends this weekend!  I have been stalking the weather because the only thing that could ruin it would be rain but the forecast is clear!  Phew!  I am so thankful for that!

Today, I am linking up with April and Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Let’s jump right into it:

1. New Halo Top Flavors.


If you follow me on Insta you know that Halo Top is my jam.  Their ice cream is creamy, low cal and high protein.  You can eat the whole pint of most flavors and not feel guilty!  My favorite is Strawberry but I am VERY eager to try out Oatmeal Cookie and Pistachio!  If any of you have found the new flavors you MUST leave me a comment with your thoughts.  I have not been able to locate any of them yet and I am dying to hear how they are!

2. The Girl On The Train.


I mentioned last week that I was going to see this so I figured I would pop back over and give it a little review.  I did not like the book.  I mean, I didn’t hate it but I did not LOVE it the way that everyone else I know did.  The movie on the other hand…I did love!  I think my issue with the book was that the main character was such a drunken, hot mess that I could not relate to her.  In the movie, I love Emily Blunt though so even though she was the same alcoholic disaster, I was rooting for her.  Does that make sense?  Either way, see the movie.  It rocked.

3. Dannon Light & Fit Caramel Apple Pie.


Oh Em Gee!  You guys.  This yogurt is AMAZING and tastes so much like a real apple pie that I am amazed.  If you like apple pie this yogurt is for you!  Yum yum yum yum yum.

4. Champagne Campaign.


I just bought this top for the gym (I know – I have a gym top hoarding issue) and I am OBSESSED with it!  The gold glitter is so sparkly and it makes the gym feel like more fun than it actually is!

5. The Trespasser by Tana French


I finally started this one (from my Fall Reading List) so far it is so good!  Is anyone else reading it?  Tana French is one of my favorites!

Okay loves…have a great weekend!  See you back here next week!  xo

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Biana

    Glad to hear you liked the movie – I did as well and think that she rocked that role! Haven’t even heard of the Trespasser – definitely going to add it to the list! Happy Friday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Nadine

    I really need to find that ice cream somewhere around me! The Pistachio sounds so good!!! I saw the apple yogurt but I thought..apple yogurt? Ew. But now I am thinking I need to rethink that! I do love apple pie! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Sierra

    Have the best time at Hershey Park! It’s definitely on our list of places to visit. Glad to hear you liked the movie. I’ll probably be saving it for when it comes out on DVD. Lame I know but I seriously haven’t been to the movies in yearssss.
    Beautifully Candid

  4. kristen

    i haven’t read any of tana french’s books, but i’m hoping to get to them soon. i remember liking but not loving the girl on the train, but i really want to see the movie. sometimes things just work better on screen! i have only tried the birthday cake halo flavour, i’ll keep an eye out for other flavours, my grocery didn’t have a bunch. boo.


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