Happy Friday – Blizzard Edition!


Happy Friday you guys!  Even though this was a short week for me it still felt like it dragged.  I am really looking forward to this weekend!  I had plans to FINALLY do that escape room with my girlfriends on Saturday night but with the forecasters predicting a blizzard for NYC we had to postpone it (again).  I have officially cleared my calendar and I plan to hunker down and spend Saturday and Sunday in sweats with T.  In honor of my upcoming vegetation, I am switching things up a bit and listing my five favorites for a snowstorm!

1. A Comfy Robe.  I just bought this robe from the Restoration Hardware outlet over the weekend and I have been living in it!  It is literally the best thing I have ever put on my body.  If God were a robe, he would be this one.

CO14HOL_B123_p99 2. Delicious Food.  I am planning on roasting a turkey breast on Saturday and I cant wait until my apartment is filled with yummy food smells while it is cooking.  Thankfully, I bought it last weekend and don’t have to venture out to the food store because I’m sure it is a madhouse and Peapod has no delivery slots available until Monday.  How nice is it to veg out all day and then enjoy a feast?


3.  Movies and Shows.  Taylor and I have been planning to watch Scorch Trials (the sequel to Maze Runner) for a while now so that is definitely on the agenda.  I am also pretty deep into Making A Murderer.  I will definitely be watching many episodes of that as well.  Have you guys been watching?  Guilty or no?  What is your vote?  NO SPOILERS!  I am not done yet and I will slice you.

MAM_Vertical_Keyart_US.0 Maze-Runner-The-Scorch-Trials-2015

4.  Wine.  I don’t usually drink but last weekend I bought the cutest wine glasses at Homegoods (you may have spied them on Instagram) and I may just enjoy a glass or two during my movie watching and couch snuggling since I wont have to drive anywhere.

2016-01-18 17.53.09-1 (1)

5. Facial Products.  Does anyone else love a good grooming session when they are bored and trapped in the house?  Big shout out to my girl, Nadine Lynn, who emailed me after last week’s Friday post to let me know that the Dr. Brandt Needles No More Filler Mask that I was salivating over was included in Sephora’s 500 point Dr. Brandt Skincare Age Erasers box!  I had 538 points in my bank just waiting for a proper reward and I got my box last week.  I cant wait to try all that stuff this weekend!   I will definitely report back!


Have a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by and show some love to today’s link up hosts:  AprilAmanda and Della if you get a chance. xo

19 thoughts on “Happy Friday – Blizzard Edition!

  1. Nadine

    Cant wait to hear your thoughts on that box!!! Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned. Especially if your wardrobe includes that super cozy looking robe! Enjoy it!

  2. Andrea Nine

    Yes was thinking about you out there in the East girl I hope you and Taylor hunker down and get to enjoy some cozy time! You will love the scorch trials, I have to admit the Maze Runner was one of my favorite reading series. I hope your weekend is wonderful, safe and warm!

  3. Lindsay

    I am dying over the robe, if God were a robe lol! I picked that wine glass up at Marshall’s earlier today and couldn’t figure out where I had seen it before, but now I know!! Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into as bad of a storm as they are saying since we have a four year old birthday party to host, ugh! Stay warm and safe! xo

  4. Dani

    Haha I’m in the NYC metro area too, and my weekend plans with a snowstorm look very similar! That robe looks sooo cozy! I’ll be curling up with wine, roasted chicken, and Netflix in my PJ’s all weekend. Time to recharge! Happy weekend!

  5. B @ Sequin Notebook

    I totally want to try that mask too and have also been saving up my points, so off to Sephora I go! Sounds like you and I have the same plans for this weekend…hanging out in sweats with our respective Ts, haha! You’re smart for skipping the grocery store this weekend, we went late last night and it was a battle zone, but at least we’re all set to make a nice dinner tomorrow night after lounging on the couch all day. Stay warm!

  6. Jessica

    Stay safe during the storm! I will have to check out that robe, I have been loving a towel wrap right when I get out of the shower. It sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned considering the snow is coming.


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