Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday loves!  I am so ready to get this weekend started!  This was the first full week I have worked in ages.  Between Taylor’s end of school activities and my Sister visiting I have taken a day or two off every week.  This one that consisted of five days felt like a lifetime.  I cant wait to relax, enjoy some brunch and NOT commute into NYC.

 Today, I am linking up with April, Amanda and Della for Friday Favorites.  Here are mine for this week:

1. Orange Is The New Black. 

 Season 4 was released on Netflix last weekend and I watched all 13 episodes within two days.  I meant to do things (like go to Target and clean my house) but I could not stop.

funny-netflix-meme netflix-still-watching-meme

After thirteen straight hours I was so sad it was over.  


This was my favorite season so far.  Definitely check it out.

  2.  Dough Donuts.  

74171DOUGH_515_0769 93066DOUGH_515_0797 94056DOUGH_515_0830

I made the mistake of eating one of these recently and now I am totally addicted.  These bakeries are popping up all over the City and they are probably my favorite snack in all of NYC.  In my opinion, the best flavor is Toasted Coconut.  If you pass one of the stores you have to go in and try one.  It’s probably 2167653435743 calories but worth it.

3. Blake Lively.

Blake Lively is my super, #1 girl crush of all time.  I just love her.  She has been all over NYC this week killing it in her maternity dresses to promote her new shark movie.  I probably wont see it because I tend to watch upbeat flicks.  I don’t like to stress myself out with scary, sad or dramatic things.  I like to laugh while I eat my Junior Mints.  FFN_Lively_Blake_INI_062016_52098021

4.  Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Mixes

It is no secret that I have a mild to moderate girl scout cookie addiction.  I MUST try these mixes with Taylor.  I hope they are good.

5. Taylor’s Graduation.

Pamela Bannon A Little Glitter

My absolute favorite thing that has happened in a very long time is that my little girl officially graduated from 5th grade and starts MIDDLE SCHOOL in the Fall!  I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments!  I cant wait to see what the future holds for her.

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  xo

11 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Oh sweetie, my favorite picture ever is that one of you and Taylor! You’re both beautiful and I know how proud you are! Now, let’s talk about those dough donuts, I would die to have one right now with my coffee! I hope you have a most amazing weekend, full of all the things you love!

  2. Jess

    Yassss to all of those Netflix memes. It’s like “Stop judging me for not doing anything else today, ok?! GEEZ.” And those donuts all look to die for! I love that you described Blake Lively’s new movie as her “new shark movie” because that was my take-away when I saw the trailer for it this week, haha! Have a great weekend!

  3. Kate @ Green Fashionista

    Congrats to Taylor, so exciting! And ahhh OITNB, I’m about halfway through and it’s been so hard to not keep watching each night so I can get some decent sleep. Super jealous you finished, and love hearing that it was your favorite season so far. Last year’s started off really slow before picking up steam in the end. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Nadine

    Awwww congrats to Taylor!!!! Blake Lively is so wonderful, but I am with you…I like more upbeat movies! Nothing scary or intense. And why is Netflix so judgy. Yes, I am still watching. Sheesh!

  5. Caroline @ Windy City ChicC

    Love that picture of you and Taylor! You gals look beautiful and congrats to her!! 🙂 Those donuts look delicious and I’m not even a big donut person. I’m very curious about those Girl Scout mixes too!! Blake Lively also looks stunning in all of those photos. She is so naturally pretty and seems like she would be a nice/fun person. Thanks for sharing and have a fab weekend lady!! 🙂

  6. Marie

    Congrats to Taylor. You ladies look gorgeous at the graduation. I love your dress. I too love Blake Lively. She is so stunning. I have yet to start OITNB, but cannot wait. Although, alot of people have said they were disappointed in this season.

  7. kristen

    awww congrats to Taylor! that picture of you two is fabulous. and i am with you, i think blake lively is fabulous but i don’t think i want to watch a shark movie haha.


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