Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic week.  It has been SUPER hot in NYC but I am trying to enjoy it because I know in a few months when I am snowed in to my apartment I am going to miss it desperately.  This weekend should be more of the same temps and I am DETERMINED to spend time outdoors.  I am also going to get my hair done with a new stylist!  (I posted some inspiration pics in last week’s Friday Faves.)  I have to admit I am slightly nervous.  Hopefully all goes as planned and this doesn’t turn into a disaster!  Fingers crossed!

 Today, I am linking up with April and Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here are mine for this week:

1. Halo Top Ice Cream

 I don’t know if you guys spotted my post the other night on Insta but I have been hearing about Halo Top Ice Cream for a while now and last night Taylor and I decided to try it out.  We have been burned before by claims of “delicious healthier ice cream” (I am looking at you, Arctic Zero) so we were a little skeptical but after sampling Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate we were believers!  This stuff is GOOD!  We did not love the chocolate but the other two flavors more than made up for it.  They are so creamy that they taste like regular full calorie ice cream.  We were really impressed.  If you go to their website and enter your address info you can find a store near you that sells it.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this Company in any way.  I just actually love it and wanted to share my obsession with you.  🙂

2. C25K – Couch To 5K


I have revealed in the past that I am totally uncoordinated.  Clumsiness plus running never seemed like the ideal combination, so I have been scared to take up jogging as a hobby and therefore am absolutely terrible at it.  Recently, I got brave and decided to set a new goal.  I have started doing the couch to 5k program on lunch at the gym and I am planning to sign up for a race with my bestie in October.  I am not going to lie – so far it has not been pretty.  I am usually a red, sweaty mess.  I thought I would be more Forrest Gump about running.  Like I would decide to run and it would just happen effortlessly.  Unfortunately, my body has other ideas.  Hopefully things get better.

3. Odd Mom Out – Season Two


I have to admit that by the end of last season I was over this show.  I was surprised they renewed it.  It was VERY try-hard and I did not think it was funny any more.  Then, a few weeks ago it was on and started watching it and I discovered that season two rocks!  They have totally changed the humor in the show and I love it again!  I look forward to watching it every week!  Do you guys watch it?  Thoughts?

4. Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes


This is the fourth straight Jojo Moyes book that I have read in a row.  When I first started reading it I was so bored that I thought I might die.  I stopped reading it and bought a new book instead.  When I finished that one my stingy nature won out and I forced myself to continue with Silver Bay because I paid for it and so I needed to finish it.  I am thankful to be such a cheapskate because after a few more chapters I started to really like this novel and could not wait to see how it ended.

5. Macy’s 90’s Themed Back To School Party


Tomorrow I am taking Taylor to Macy’s for a fun shopping party!  I mentioned it in this post and I am pretty excited about it!  There will be makeovers, a photo booth and a dj among other things.  If you are in Staten Island you should stop by and say hello to T and I in real life!

Have a great weekend!  I will see you back here on Monday! 

11 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    it takes a while to find your running groove. i’m not a runner by any means but i’ve started running again (for other reasons) and after years of ‘trying’ to run, i have finally figure it out and can now run much longer at a pace that is comfortable for me. keep at it!

  2. Nadine

    I really want to try that ice cream but cant seem to find it anywhere around here. And I loved the C25K app. Well, considering I hate running still….it was great for the purpose but I hated myself while doing it LOL! Good luck! I felt the same way about Silver Bay. It was a slow start but when I got in to it I WAS IN IT and I couldn’t stop! Glad you are enjoying it now!

  3. Sara

    Halo Top is THE BEST. I also love the mint!! I mix the mint and the chocolate… SO TASTY!!! I feel like everyone is finding out about this now that I’m obsessed with it! (Arctic Zero is the worst, lol!!)

  4. Emelia

    I did Couch to 5K a few years ago and when I started I was the same…a red, hot, sweaty mess…but a few months in I really surprised myself. One day I was running down at the peninsula and just kept running and running and the next thing you knew I had ran almost 5 miles. I was shocked! Needless to say I had to jog and power walk the opposite direction back to my car haha, but it’s worth it. It’s a great program! Hope your weekend was awesome, your Macy’s event looked FUN!

  5. kristen

    i haven’t read silver bay yet, but i’m glad you ended up liking it! i STILL haven’t tried that ice cream but good to know i can go to their website and find out where they sell it. i haven’t seen it anywhere! good luck with running and the race in october, you can do it!! i wish running was as effortless to me as it was forrest gump hahahaha i wish right?!


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