Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!  Today is a little sad because my bestie (who has been vacationing in NYC for the Summer) is heading home and leaving me today.  #BlondeSummer2015 has been one for the books though and I cant wait for next year!  I am  going to miss her so much!

 Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for a Friday Favorites post.  Let’s jump right into it:


1. 3 Ingredient Nutella Mug Cake.  Boom.  The description pretty much says it all!  I already have all the ingredients and I making this this weekend for sure!  I will definitively report back on my findings!


2. Sephora Subscription Box.  I am not a huge subscription service gal but I want this one!  I  tried to sign up but I was put on the wait list.  Darn!  It is only $10 per month, too.  


3.  You by Caroline Kepnes.  I just finished reading this as part of my Literary Ladies Book Club and I liked it.  It was creepy but I could not put it down.  If you are looking for something darker this may be a good option for you!


4.  Living Room.  I dont know where this is from – I found it on Pinterest but it is perfection.


5.  This Outfit.  It’s so perfect for early Fall!

Alright loves!  Have a fabulous Monday!  I will see you back here.  P.S. Dont forget to join in on Tuesday for the second installment of the Share The Love Link Up!  

16 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Sara

    You just HAD to post that Nutella cake didn’t you?! OMG I’ve been craving chocolate since last night…. and that was the first thing I saw this morning… good thing I have none of those ingredients… because that cake would definitely be happening. πŸ˜‰

  2. kerri @ cheshire kat

    oh that chocolate goodness in a mug looks awesome! let me know how it goes with only three ingredients. and bummer about your friend leaving! today i decided i must go see my BFF bc it’s been too long. she’s so far away. i get it! happy friday girly!

    xo cheshirekatblog.com

  3. kristen

    good to hear you liked You! I really hope I get to it this weekend, I keep hearing how messed up it is but also how good it is.
    why have i never made a mug cake before?
    i am not a fan of subscription boxes etc but i would totally get the sephora one. $10? that is awesome!

  4. M @ The Sequin Notebook

    Loving everything in this post today!! That nutella mug – omg. I’ve tried the brownie mug recipe, but this looks even better.. plus only 3 ingredients – sold! That fall outfit seriously is perfection. This low temps this morning are making me pretty excited for fall, though I can’t believe summer is almost over! Have a fab weekend, girl!

  5. lkn106

    You blonde babes look like you have been having so much fun!! I bet T makes a pretty good sidekick though and wouldn’t say not that mug cake πŸ˜‰

  6. Nadine

    That Nutella cake mug! OMG!!! And that living room, I die!!!! I really like that outfit, it needs to end up in my closet for real. And ummm I am pretty sure that Sephora box is only available in certain cities. I can most assuredly tell you it probably isn’t mine. What crap?! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Kate @ Green Fashionista

    I am beyond excited for that Sephora subscription box, but super bummed that it’s only rolling out in 3 cities at first *womp womp*. Boo to your blonde summer being over, but it looks like you girls had a blast!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3


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