High Five for Friday – Long Island Addition!

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Happy Friday!  This week was one of the best that I have had in a long time!  Taylor and I traveled out to Long Island to visit with my one of beautiful besties and her kiddos for Spring Break.  My face hurts from smiling so much.


1.  As per our usual, we started our trip with a selfie.  Look at Taylor’s face.  Bwahahah!  She looks like Popeye.  I cant even take her.



2.  Our first stop was the Riverhead Aquarium, where we got to hang with my adorable nephew, Greggers, and my fab sister in law.

Taylor's New Room

 3.  The next day we went to the Riverhead Outlets and WE CLEANED UP.  I managed to score the above duvet cover with two matching shams from Pottery Barn Teen for $40! Taylor has been wanting to change her room from the current pink princess theme to something more sophisticated for a while.  When she saw this cheetah print bedding at Pottery Barn Teen she fell in love.  I will post pictures when we begin the tween room transition but at least we have a starting point now.


4.  This pic is a little blurry due to all the jumping but we also took the girls to a trampoline park and they had a BLAST!  It was great exercise.  By the time we left my daughter was red-faced, sweaty and tuckered out.  It was a total success in my book.


5.  On my last night there Tiff and I left the kids at home and met another girlfriend out for a grown up dinner and some wine.  It was the perfect end to a really, really great trip.  

 I am linking up with Natasha, Lauren and Jennie this week.  If you get a chance, swing on by and show them some love!  

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I am so looking forward to Easter!

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27 thoughts on “High Five for Friday – Long Island Addition!

    1. Pamela Bannon

      Hey Chloe! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping in! Yes, PB is a dangerous place! The outlet had some great finds though! Not too expensive either. Although, if I went all the time it would definitely add up. Have a great weekend!

  1. Amy

    Love your selfie AND that bed set! From Canada so we only recently got a PB, but it is dangerous in there! Such gorgeous stuff.

  2. Christina Warren

    Taylor is hilarious! LOVE her! What a fun week! I want a daughter to shop with! 🙂 You are so lucky! I LOVE new bedding and I HAVE since as far back as I can remember. I was the one with the “best decorated” room in my family’s home. I also have always loved those trampoline places!!! How fun!

    1. Pamela Bannon Post author

      When my girlfriend and I brought our kids, there was only one Mom jumping. She looked a little nuts. I was saying that they should have an adult night. There are dodgeball courts and stuff. I would totally be into playing against other grownups.


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