I Heart Fall TV!

Fall TV Lineup

Happy Fall Y’all!  Can I just tell you guys that I have not been this excited about a TV lineup ever?  All my faves are back and some new shows have been added in that I am LOVING!  I cant wait to curl up on the couch in my sweats and indulge in some quality programming!  Here is what I am watching:

SCREAM QUEENS.  This just premiered the other night and I am already obsessed.  This is a WINNER.  It is HILARIOUS, full of slick one-liners, fabulous fashion and celeb cameos.  It is like Mean Girls meets Pretty Little Liars meets Clueless.  I could not stop laughing and texting quotes to my best friend.


EMPIRE.  I am so excited for Season 2.  I never watched these live and caught the whole first season during a massive one-day binge.  Taraji P. Henson’s character, Cookie, makes the whole show.  She is amazing!

THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY, THE GOLDBERGS AND BLACKISH. This is what my Wednesday night is going to look like pretty much.  It is like one favorite after another.  I love them all but the Goldbergs is MY JAM!

THE MINDY PROJECT.  Mindy is back, with a baby and she and Danny are engaged!  Crazy!  I cant wait to see her as a Mom!

THE BIG BANG THEORY.  I am so excited that it is back but I am not going to lie…I didn’t love the first episode.  Penny and Leonard’s wedding was totally disappointing and the premier fell flat for me.  Hopefully it was just a one off and the rest of the season gets better.

THE GRINDER.  I have not watched this one yet but it is on my list.  Fred Savage and Rob Lowe seem like a winning team and the commercial is so funny.  Hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint.

What are you guys tuning in to?  Any good suggestions for me?


16 thoughts on “I Heart Fall TV!

  1. Nadine

    I am glad that Chris and I weren’t the only ones disappointed with Big Bang’s season premier! The wedding absolutely fell flat for us too. I love Modern Family…and even that premier wasn’t as funny as most of their episodes either. So far my favorite premier was Law and Order SVU. The Mindy Project was pretty good too!!! We haven’t watched The Middle in a few years, I would like to catch back up to it. I haven’t seen the rest of your shows but I will have to check them out!

  2. Andrea Nine

    You are a girl after my own heart Pamela! I absolutely love the new TV season and one of the things I look forward to each Fall!! The Goldbergs is my all-time favorite how many happening right now, I can relate so much and then being a child of the 80s, ha ha! My husband even says I act just like Beverly, no I am not that bad hee hee! Happy Monday beauty!!

  3. kristen

    oh man, i’m so behind with mindy, her and danny weren’t even together and now i know they are engaged with a baby (not your fault, i’ve seen it elsewhere lol) so i have to catch up. scream queens looks hilarious! i am definitely watching that.


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