January 2017

Hey Guys!  I’m back!  I took a nice long break from blogging and my regular job to enjoy the holidays and get stuff done.  I had a fabulous Christmas and loved celebrating the New Year and now, just like that, it’s January.

Does anyone else find January to be an odd time?  All the glitz and glam from the Holidays has ended, the decorations have been put away and it’s so drab and cold.  I cant lie though – I love to spend January hibernating.  I have been purposely avoiding making plans and enjoying my open weekends.  I’ve also been spending my time puttering around my apartment, cleaning and decorating.  I love to revamp my space for the new year and it feels good to have everything organized.  I plan to tackle my closet this weekend.

 Lately, I have been binging on the Affair.  Do you guys watch that?  It’s so good and nothing like I thought it would be!  I love how they shoot it from everyone’s different perspectives so you can see the same situation from each person’s perception.  Last weekend I probably watched an entire Season.  I don’t regret a second of it either!

I have also been working out, eating healthy and hitting the gym for the most part.  Taylor and I are heading to Aruba next month for our first Mother/Daughter getaway and the thought of getting into a bathing suit is helping to keep me motivated.  Have any of you been?  I would love all the tips on the Island and information on your favorite excursions!  I want to start traveling with her more regularly and I figured I would do a nice easy beach vacation as our first vacation together.  I want to feel out our travel styles and then book something more ambitious (like Europe) down the road.

What have you all been up to?  I am heading over to Bloglovin’ in a bit to check out everyone’s posts!  I have missed you all!  I am going to start reading and posting more regularly in 2017!

4 thoughts on “January 2017

  1. Lisa @ Life as Lisa Knows It

    You will LOVE Aruba!!!! My husband and I have a timeshare there. It is absolutely beautiful – there is so much to do (and I love that it is safe to walk around at night and outside of the hotel). Where are you staying? Our timeshare is at the Marriott Surf Club.

  2. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    I haven’t been to Aruba, but my parents have been a few times and love it.

    I am busier this January than I typically like to be, but I’m also getting in some organization and sprucing up of the place. I love to do that in the beginning of the year too.


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