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honest slogans

Above:  Honest Slogans is the funniest website ever!  

I dont know if you guys love/hate/are indifferent towards the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but I think it’s great.  Taylor and I made a video (AND DONATED – PLEASE DONT FORGET TO ALSO DONATE) this past weekend.  I will include it tomorrow in my Friday Favorites.  I have been loving some of the others that I have seen as well.  My two favorite celebrity videos have to be Anna Wintour (because she has such a diva reputation and I love that she can also be a bit fun) and Ben Affleck.  I am posting both below.  Check them out:



Five things you absolutely must know about shopping for Fall.
– 17 people who took their love of Chipotle too far.  (Although is that really possible?)

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