Link Love!



The Suitsy.  A suit onesie.  I cant tell if I love this or think it is totally absurd.  It’s like the professional version of the pajama jean.  Now every time I see a man in a blue suit/white shirt combo I am going to assume they are wearing a onesie.  

Here are some of the other things I am loving on the internet this week:

Cuteness OVERLOAD!

– 20 years of Friends crammed into one glorious 236 second clip.

– The most delicious-looking chicken pot pie recipe ever.

This looks magical.  

9 thoughts on “Link Love!

  1. lkn106

    I am literally crying over the suitsy. That is AMAZING. I am also basically crying over the Friends clip because I still love it so much.

  2. Amanda Elizabeth

    Seriously that puppy video made….my….day! Is it weird that i want to bite their ears? It’s weird right?…..I sent that onesie suit to Mark….. I think he needs it. It would cut down on dry cleaning bills yes? 😉


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