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Hey You Guys!  (That was said in the voice of Sloth from the Goonies, btw.)  So, today begins that time of the month where I become a psychotic lunatic.  I am sure you can imagine how difficult it was to find five or six things on the internet that I “loved” during this time.  I pretty much felt like this about everything I’ve looked at:


I was not even sure I was going to be able to write this post.  Then, I came across the gentleman below and my mood improved…

Buzzfeed Tattoos

1.  38 people that will make you feel better about your life choices.  I thank you, checkerboard face tattoo man and all your dumb friends for cheering me up on this rotten day.

Happy Hour Marquee

2.  A Beautiful Mess put up a tutorial on how to make this awesome Happy Hour Marquee!  I love it!  I could also picture making a marquee with a different saying for Taylor’s tween room.  

60 Gorgeous Pairs of Shoes

3.  Zazzish created a collection called 60 Gorgeous Shoes to Wear This Summer and I love every one of them!  Definitely take a look! 

4.  My girl, Tiffany D. put up a great video on eyebrows!   She does a great job with them and provides some helpful tips!  

Okay, that is all the love I can muster for today.  I need to go back to frowning now.  

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