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L'Oreal Revitalift Products Review #AskSkinExpert

As you guys probably see from all of my beauty reviews, I can be quite the product junkie.  I get that from my Mom.  When I was growing up she was obsessed with makeup, hair and skin care.  Even now, she is in the hospital and super sick but she still has lipstick and mascara on.  Her nurses think she is hilarious. 

While I do enjoy spending time grooming like my Mom, I have never really loved washing and moisturizing my face.  At the end of the night I am TIRED.  I just want to lay on the couch and watch television and thought of putting water on my face seems awful.  I have relatively dry skin and in the past (even if I neglected my skincare a bit) I used to be okay.  Lately though, I have noticed some changes.  The hollows under my eyes are deeper and my skin seems to be losing fullness.  It is much drier than it used to be and if I don’t wash it and properly moisturize it gets flaky.   Obviously, that is not a good look, so when I was approached to try the new L’oreal Revitalift™ Anti Wrinkle + Firming line I was all over it!

Even though I have tried other L’Oreal products (from hair color to makeup), I have never used anything from their skincare line.  I began by visiting their website to get my personalized online skin consultation.

Loreal Quiz Screenshot After answering the questions, two products were recommended for me.  They were Revitalift™ Daily Volumizing Moisturizer and Revitalift™ Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum.

Loreal Revitalift Volume Filler Review Immediately, I was impressed with the packaging.  These don’t look or feel like cheapie drug store products.  The moisturizer comes in a heavy, substantial glass bottle that feels like an expensive brand you would buy at a department store or spa. The instructions for the Revitalift™ Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum were to use 15 minutes before sun exposure on the cheeks and eye area (which I did each morning for four weeks).  This smelled pleasant and I like the consistency.  I feel like my dry skin soaked it right up as soon as I applied it. Untitled The instructions for the Revitalift™ Daily Volumizing Moisturizer were to apply it to after cleansing in the morning and at night.  I also did this for four weeks and I have to say that I am very happy with the difference in my skin.  It is smoother and more moisturized.  It is much easier to put my makeup on and I have no flakiness (even around my nose where I had the driest skin). Untitled2 PicMonkey Collage Overall, I definitely noticed improvement in my skin.  I think they work really well and I love that they are accessible and affordable.  I don’t think I will be buying expensive face products again any time soon! 2015-10-10 13.49.14


  1. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    Sounds like a great line of products, thanks for sharing your review! That virtual skincare consultant on their website sounds cool too. I honestly have no idea what type of skin I have. All I know is that I’m 35 now and I don’t want too look like a raisin at any point in time! Haha. That is super cute about your mom too. 🙂

  2. Nadine

    Looking good lady!! I haven’t tried any of their skincare products in a really long time, I will have to give them another look. I like that you can go online and see what is right for your skin and your needs. I am with you, skincare at night sucks but it must be done!!!!

  3. Kari

    Taylor looks so grown-up here and you both look beautiful!

    Also, I feel like a lot of people sleep on L’Oreal skincare. But really, it’s a great skincare brand. I’ve been using their Youth Code serum (in the pink bottle) for years now and giiirrrll, it is like liquid (cream? gel? eep!) gold!


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