Recently, I was invited to attend an event at Henri Bendel in NYC hosted by Safe Horizon.  They are the leading organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence.  While I was unable to attend, I did read the literature they sent to me about their #PutTheNailinIt campaign and I was totally blown away by the statistics.  


 As a Mother I find those stats so frightening and I would like to do what I can to help.  October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I figured I would pass along the information to you guys in case you want to participate in this worthy initiative also.

To take part in #PutTheNailinIt you complete three easy steps.  First, make a donation on the Safe Horizon website.  Next, you paint the ring finger on your left hand purple to show your support.  Finally, post your new #PutTheNailinIt mani on social media using the hashtag to encourage others to join the movement.

I hope you will participate!

10 thoughts on “#PutTheNailinIt

  1. Nadine

    I feel like domestic violence doesn’t get near the spot light that it should!!! So many victims are out there that don’t come forward and suffer in silence.

  2. LIndsay

    This is such a great cause, and I definitely don’t feel like it gets enough attention. It’s terrifying how many suffer through this! Thank you for sharing something so important.

  3. Kari

    I use to mediate for Safe Horizons in law school and got certified to do it, so I will occasionally hold a session. It’s a wonderful cause and so damn important and I’m so glad to see someone bringing awareness to it!


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