Reverse Your Routine With TRESemmé

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Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutineI have to confess, I am a total beauty junkie.  Nothing makes me happier than trying out the latest hair products.  When I was offered the chance to review TRESemmé’s new Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System collection I jumped at the opportunity!  I always have a bottle of TRESemmé conditioner in my shower.  My daughter and I both use it.  Occasionally, I venture off to try another brand or line but I always return to it like an familiar old friend.

The ability to test drive TRESemmé’s new products could not have come at a better time for me.  My hair has been so dry lately that I have been experiencing breakage in the front.  I know that it is due to bleaching it blonde and sometimes I play with the idea of dying it my natural color (which is a dark blonde) or going ombré but at the end of the day I just can’t do it.  I am a blonde.  It feels wrong to dye it another color.  So, since I refuse to stop bleaching, I knew I would need to find another way to infuse it with moisture (preferably without weighing it down).  That is the premise behind TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume System.  It is supposed to deliver soft, touchable hair that has volume.  Did it work?  Here are my thoughts on the collection:

Step One: Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner

Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine

The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner is designed to be used first (before shampoo).  You smooth 2-3 pumps through wet hair, let it work its magic for a minute or so and then rinse.  It reinforces the hair’s natural protective layer using Fiber Polishing Actives.  Something I want to mention about this conditioner is the smell.  A pleasing fragrance is crucial to me.  You can have the best product on Earth but if it reeks of chemicals or fake flowers, it is dead to me.  I can’t use it.  The products that I use (especially those that go in my hair) must be pleasing and this one definitely is!  That was a big relief to me!

 Step Two: Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo

Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine

After using the Pre-Wash Conditioner you apply the Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo.  It gently cleanses and removes excess weight from your hair.  It foamed up really nicely and afterwards my hair felt more moisturized and clean.  (I must admit that I was afraid that the reverse application of shampoo and conditioner would leave it either greasy or dry but it was neither.)  

 Step Three: Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer

Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine

After you are done showering and have towel-dried your hair, you smooth a dime-sized dollop of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer from root to tip.  Next, you follow by blow-drying with a round brush.  I found this product to be lightweight and very moisturizing.  It seems to seal the hair’s cuticle leaving it soft and shiny with tons of volume.  Sometimes when you use products in your hair they can make it look great but leave your hair feeling stiff or gross; but that is not the case with this Maximizer.  It gives your hair tons of volume and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard.

Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine

All in all I really liked the products.  The smell was wonderful and TRESemmé kept it’s promise to give me touchable volume.  My hair feels softer and I intend to continue using this in the future.  At first it was weird for me to condition before shampooing but after a few showers I was totally used to it.  

Reverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutineReverse Your Routine with TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine If you are interested in learning more about this line you can visit TRESemmé’s website or watch this video featuring my fave, Chrissy Teigen.

8 thoughts on “Reverse Your Routine With TRESemmé

  1. Nadine

    Your hair looks beautiful!!! I am like you. I like to try different products but I always have something from TRESemmé. My grandma always used TRESemmé and her hair was always so perfect so I know its a good brand!

  2. kristen

    i want touchable volume! i will have to look into these because who doesn’t have a bottle of tresemme in their shower?! lol. i’m like you, i always return to it like an old friend.


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