Sad Times


Last Wednesday night my Mom lost her fight against breast cancer.  She passed peacefully and we had a memorial for her this past Monday.  This week has been a difficult one but I am hanging in there and trying to go about my daily routine instead of dwelling.  

Sometimes, I have a hard time knowing where to draw the line between blogging and my personal life.  I did feel like I wanted to share this information with you guys (since I do consider you my friends) but when bad things happen I tend to stay quiet and it is hard for me to create a post about something that makes me sad.  Most of the time I will just abstain from posting instead of being a bummer.  (That is why there have been lapses in my posting these past few months.  This year has been a tough one emotionally between my separation, my Mother’s illness and now her passing.)  

I am relieved my Mom is out of pain (as the last few months had been rough) and I am also thankful that I was able to spend time with her and create new memories that I can hold in my heart moving forward.

26 thoughts on “Sad Times

  1. Emelia

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I also lost my mom to breast cancer and there are no words that can ever prepare you. Take all the time you need. I don’t know you well, but I’m always an e-mail away. Thinking of you, my condolences and hugs!

  2. Nadine

    I am so sorry for your loss. There isn’t really anything to say at a time like this that can make you feel better. Just know that you are in my thoughts and I am sending you a million hugs!

  3. Ashley

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mom in April 2014 and it is still hard but it gets easier and the memories you think of become happy ones instead of sad.

  4. Shannon Weel

    I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I lost my father this year and I know how devastating it is to lose a parent. Big hugs!

  5. Christina

    Pamela, I am so so sorry to hear this. I’m glad you shared because even the littlest messages can maybe put a smile on your face and help you “forget” just for a minute. Sending you much love, hugs and prayers!


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