State of the Kitchen Address

When I woke up on New Year’s Day at noon (dont judge) I was already hungry and bored.  I made some breakfast for the fam and had a ton of energy that I did not think I was going to be able to use, since everything is usually closed.  I sat down at the computer to do some research on the remaining items on our kitchen makeover list.  Here is our kitchen in it’s current state:

KitchenKitchen View 2

(It pains me to show that to you since there is so much left to do.)

We have already installed our gorgeous chandelier and added shades, painted the walls using Benjamin Moore Tranquility, installed new moulding and painted it white and built and installed a valance.

The remaining items on the list are:

– Prime and Paint/Stain Cabinets.  I am leaning towards a nice espresso-colored wood but I also like white cabinets.  The space is small so white might open it up but either way I am not sure what we are doing and we cant do anything yet since it is Winter and both of those things require ventilation.  This is a project I am planning to tackle in the Spring.

– New Cabinet Hardware.  This is going to wait until we decide what color the cabinets will be.

– New Countertop/Backsplash.  This has to wait until after we paint/stain the cabinets.

– New Appliances.  Our appliances are from 1991 (when our house was built).  The inside of my dishwasher is baby blue and it sounds like a helicopter, but everything works so it is not really a priority at the present moment.

– Wall Art.  I am planning to DIY something pretty awesome this weekend.  I am just waiting for one final item to complete it.

–  Possible Banquette/Chairs.  My husband and I were/are planning to build a banquette.  (I should say I have been lusting over one and have spent the last few months convincing him and showing him pictures and he has warmed to the idea.)  I wanted to do something similar to this one on the Little House Blog.  This one at Cape27 is also amazingggggggg!  We finally noticed yesterday that there is a big vent right where I want the banquette to go.  I have seen examples of bloggers building around the vent but I want to use the inside of the seat as storage.  If there is a big duct in there I dont know that all our hard work will be worth it.  I might seek out another storage solution and buy some gorgeous chairs for now.

– Table.  This was the item on the list that I decided to tackle yesterday.  I knew that I wanted this beauty:

Ronan Table

It is the Ronan table from Pier1.  I searched high and low for a decently priced, round, pedestal table in a dark stain with a leaf.  Then I found this bit of perfection.  I have been stalking it online for a few months but yesterday it was on sale for $299 and Pier1 was offering $10 back for every $100 you spent.  So, when I discovered that Pier1 was OPEN yesterday I hightailed it over there and bought it.  It has to be shipped to the store so I wont get it until January 17th but at least I can check it off my list!

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