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Pink and Fabulous – Guest Post

Hi ladies! I’m Lindsay and I blog about fashion, food, fitness and family over at Pink and Fabulous.  Today I wanted to do a bag dump – one of my favorites!- with my currently most-used bag:  my beach bag.  I call it a beach bag, but let’s be serious, it’s a pool bag, because that is where I am hauling my two littles ones most days this Summer.  

I try to keep my bag light because I have a second bag that just houses toys, goggles and flotation devices, and you know, shoulders.  Any other moms out there ever feel like a pack horse some days?  In all honesty, I have total overly organizational tendencies and clean it out way too frequently to keep it light and tight.  It’s a never-ending cycle!


Here is what is my list of essentials:

fabulous beach towel

I alternate between a few, most often this TJ Maxx find or a couple of J.Crew towels I have.  If you’re lounging on it, I say, make it cute!

reusable water bottle

I always have one in my bag.  I don’t need to be plowing through plastic bottles (environment!) and I am constantly refilling throughout the day to keep my water intake up.  Let’s be serious, I may be doing some serious sweating in the sun, and I need to replenish! I love my BKR!

bag for swimsuits

Without fail, one of my kids will want to change before we leave, so I have started carrying this Itzy Ritzy bag meant for wet clothes with me.  You can toss it in the washing machine to wash it with your towels.  So easy!


As much I would love to bring my Kindle, wet fingers go through my bag, so I stick to magazines.  It is almost always Coastal Living and US Weekly.  Such a power combo!


I’m all about all of the sunscreen.  All day.  Over and over.  I plow through it, but I also like to invest in the most natural brands I can.  I use a face sunscreen and a separate one for myself and the kids’ bodies.  I am loving this Alba Botanica one right now.  

fabulous sunglasses

A pair of great sunglasses is the best accessory for your bathing suit and a day at the pool! I am loving my cheapies from Amazon that are durable and protective!


What are you carrying in your beach bag this Summer?

Thanks for having me Pamela!