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5 Hacks To Maximize Your Beauty Sleep

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5 Hacks To Maximize Your Beauty Sleep #MyPureRelief.jpg

I used to spend an hour after my Daughter went to sleep grooming myself each week.  I would watch my favorite reality TV shows, slather on a face mask, whiten my teeth, deep condition my hair.  Whatever part of my body needed work – I would get it done during that time. 

Now, I have a new schedule that forces me to go to bed early so I have had to be a little creative with squeezing in my primping.  Lately, I have started beautifying while I am asleep and it is fabulous!  Here are some of the things I am doing: Continue reading

Glowing Summer Makeup Tutorial

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#MyJergensGlow #CollectiveBias A Little Glitter Pamela Bannon

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel my best when my skin has a nice glow.  I think a beautiful tan makes you look healthy and youthful.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature gave me pale (almost translucent) white skin.  Years ago I went to tanning salons or baked in the Sun but now that I am older (and wiser) I would never do that.  I get a spray tan periodically for special occasions but one of my favorite ways to have some color (especially for the Spring/Summer) is to use a moisturizer with a bit of self tanner built in.  For years, Jergens products have been my favorite.  They sell them at Walmart (so I can pick them up while I am doing my weekly food shopping) and they make my life so much easier since the beautiful tan they provide makes foundation obsolete.  Today, I am sharing a glowing Summer makeup tutorial.  Read on for more details and pictures. Continue reading

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Trifles #SoHoppinGood

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Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Trifles

Taylor and I moved into our new apartment in December and while I love our place and the area, we recently discovered there is one thing that is missing.  THERE IS NO ICE CREAM MAN on our block.  This may not be a big deal to some people but to us it is huge!  We are ice cream lovers and look forward to having a frozen treat pretty much every Summer night.  Things are much more relaxed in the warmer months and we like to celebrate school being out with dessert.  To make up for our lack of ice cream man, I recently picked up a bunch of my favorite Blue Bunny® ice cream at Walmart.  They have a great selection and I had a hard time choosing just one.  I actually left with three.  #dontjudgeme  Continue reading

How To Make Cleaning Fun!

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How To Make Cleaning Fun #Reallifeclean #Collectivebias #clorox

Let’s face it. I am not a Saturday in the trenches, all day scrubbing, dirt under my fingernails type of gal. Sometimes cleaning gets too much, it’s enough to make you want to buy a new mattress from somewhere like Leesa and new furniture too. I totally own that. Thankfully, I have a cleaning lady that comes in every other week and does a full deep-clean of my house. I also get someone to help clean my windows on the outside (makes sense right? Trying to get those clean is hard enough). I strongly recommend you getting your own window cleaner such as eavestrough cleaning company, they can really help you out! My hubby and I both work long hours and between our jobs, commuting, blogging and parenting there is not a whole lot of time left over. While I do have help, I still have to take care of the upkeep and between my messy self, my husband, daughter, tons of dark wood (that collects dust like a magnet) and my white fluffy furbaby (that sheds like it is his business) there is still a lot of maintenance that we are responsible for.

Since we do have to spend a little time each weekend tidying up, I try my best to make it fun family time! Here are some tips on how I achieve this:

1. Divide and Conquer. Make cleaning a family affair! Things go a lot more quickly when everyone pitches in and there is no reason why you cant bond and chat while you tidy!

2. Have the Right Products (aka SHOP). Shopping = fun! Am I right? I like to do things the quickest and most effective way possible. When it comes to tasks such as vacuuming, you shouldn’t need to shop for products like a canister vacuum too often, and a good vacuum should last you a considerable amount of time. In terms of other cleaning products, if I can find a product that is easy to use and I can keep close to where it needs to be used (like under the bathroom sink or on the kitchen counter) than I am all about it. Lately, I have been obsessed with a bunch of Clorox products.

A few of the items that I have been using to make cleaning easier are:

Clorox Scrub Singles Bathroom Pads. They are pre-loaded with Clorox cleaner. Plus they feature a scrubbing surface designed to power through soap scum. I love that I don’t have to worry about Taylor pouring the right amount of product onto a paper towel. She just wets a Scrub Single, cleans, rinses and chucks it. It is that simple and she is so proud of herself afterwards for being a good helper!

Clorox-Real-Life-Clean-Scrub-Singles Clorox-Real-Life-Clean-Scrub-Singles-2Clorox Pump ‘N Clean Kitchen & Dish Cleaner. This one is a game changer! It is food-safe so you can use it all around the kitchen without worrying about poisoning your family (always a plus in my book). You can pump it with one hand and wipe out messes in a flash.

Clorox Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes. These wipes have been SO useful to me. If you have ever seen pictures of my house you may have noticed my love of dark wood. We have shelves, entertainment centers, bedroom furniture and tables that are all lovely dark shades. While they are aesthetically pleasing, they are a real dust collectors! I find myself cleaning these every few days unfortunately. Thankfully, I discovered Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes and they make the process a lot easier. I can use one for an entire room and I keep them right in my entertainment center. They are dry, non-abrasive and trap and lock dust, allergens and even the white hair of a certain cat!


OF COURSE, I got my cleaning products at Target (since I am there every week at some point anyway shopping for everything from dresses to cat products). You can find them in the cleaning aisle and from June 7-July 4, you will receive 10% off their Scrub Singles, Pump ‘N Clean and Triple Action Dustwipes at Target using the Cartwheel app! Savings plus convenience equals FUN!

Clorox at Target #RealLifeCleanClorox at Target #RealLifeClean

3. Blast the Tunes. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring! Nothing is more fun than a full blown family cleaning dance party! Try it! Some of my faves from my current playlist are:

Bug A Boo – Destiny’s Child: This has such a fun beat and afterwards you can enthrall your kids with tales of pagers and AOL!

So What – PINK: So what, I’m still a rock star (even if I am scrubbing my house in the suburbs)!

Umbrella – Rihanna: When the Sun shines we shine together, told you I’ll be there forever… Beautiful message for a family dance party!

Tornado – Steve Aoki & Tiesto: Rock out to this catchy tune while you scrub away!

Michael Jackson – Remember the Time: While this is on you can take turns busting out your best MJ impressions!


4. Turn Chores Into Games. We all have that one spot where stuff accumulates. Mine is the bistro table by the front door. We come home and put things down on there. At any given time there are packages, hats, sunglasses, backpacks, bottles of water, pocketbooks, pieces of mail and sweatshirts that get shrugged off and thrown up there. It drives me crazy because it is one of the first things you see when you enter the house and it look so messy. Obviously, this eyesore is something we deal with first on the weekend. To make it more fun I divvy up everyone’s stuff, put it into laundry baskets and then we race to see who can put their belongings away first. (Even Jeter helps out!)

#RealLifeClean #Collective Bias #RealLifeClean #Collective Bias

Cleaning doesn’t have to feel so much like a chore! Make sure to check out other everyday cleaning moments here.

What tips do you have for making tidying up more enjoyable?