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Now I Ain’t Saying She A Gold Digger…

DIY Gold Digger Costume

Halloween is only a few days away and I finally have my costume all done!  You may have guessed from the photo above that I plan to be a GOLD DIGGER!  

Every year I go to a fun Halloween party for the adults and all the guests get really into their costumes.  In the past I have been:


A Nurse


Santa's Helper



Princess Peach (from Mario Brothers)

Princess Peach

A Gladiator


She Ra

She Ra

I started looking for this year’s getup a few weeks ago and came across a gold-digger costume on the internet.  I thought the idea was awesome but the costume itself was tacky and cheaply made.  So, I decided to put my own together.  

I searched high and low for gold-sequined dresses but I couldn’t find anything I was in love with.  Then, I remembered my sequined Blogiversary gown (you can view that magnificent beast here) and figured that Rent the Runway would probably have something fabulous.    

Immediately, I found their Gold Glitz Gown by Badgley Mischka and knew it was THE ONE.  It was pricey.  $90 is nothing to sneeze at (especially for something I am renting for Halloween).  The only reason I sprung for it was because I already had most of the other accessories and I had a 20% off coupon so I saved an additional $18.

I already owned a gold clutch, shoes and jewelry.  I already had a small beach shovel (well Taylor did but I stole it…#bestmom) and gold spray paint from a previous DIY project.  I put a coat of gold on it this weekend and now it is the perfect prop.  


I ordered the awesome shovel shown above on Ebay for EIGHT DOLLARS!!!  I cant believe the deal I got on it!  It is actually ten inches long and it is a vintage bottle opener from the 1960’s that I plan to wear on a chain as a necklace.

I also ordered my hardhat on Ebay for about $10.  I gave it a coat of spray paint as well so it matches my shovel perfectly.

This may be one of my favorite costumes ever!  It is fun and different and even if there are other gold diggers at the party I know they wont be wearing the exact same thing.


DIY Waterproof Pet Placemat – #MyCatMyMuse

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support A Little Glitter. #MyCatMyMuse #CollectiveBias

#MyCatMyMuse Purina Muse Cat Food

Does anyone else have a slobbish pet?  I love my kitty, Jeter, with my whole heart but he is a hot mess when it comes to eating.  He splashes in his water bowl and gets food everywhere.  It’s not a good look when company comes over and there are puddles of water and pieces of cat food on your kitchen floor.

To combat this problem I realized that I would need to put something underneath his bowls.  It would have to be waterproof and easy to clean.  I looked online but I couldn’t find anything that I liked.  Then, the idea struck me to just make my own placemat.  I had a roll of peel and stick vinyl laminate in the closet, so I decided to sandwich something between two sheets of it.  


  After a quick Google search of cat fabrics (unfortunately not the strangest thing I’ve Googled) I stumbled upon this one and knew it would be the perfect fit for my gentleman cat.  


Jeter is a Lilac Point Balinese and he is very regal.  If he could have a mustache and a monocle, he totally would.  This print was made for him!  

Jeter Bannon #MyPetMyMuse A Little Glitter Lilac Point Balinese Cat

I hunkered down on the floor (my favorite crafting spot) with two yards of Cats with Mustaches fabric (one would have been fine but better safe than sorry), fabric scissors and the roll of peel and stick vinyl laminate and got to work.

(Jeter helped by supervising the project.)

Jeter Helps

I spread out the roll of vinyl laminate to the size that I wanted for the placemat (leaving room for trimming) and cut off a piece.  Then, I used that to measure out an identical piece and cut it off the roll as well.  I peeled off the backing paper on one of the sheets of vinyl and laid it on top of my fabric.  (This way I could position it over the part of the pattern that I want included.)  

IMG_4308  Next, I trimmed all the way around.

Cats with Mustaches

When I was finished cutting I flipped the placemat over, peeled the paper off my second piece of vinyl and stuck that on the back side.

Step Two

 Finally, I trimmed along the edges to make sure they were straight and uniform and I was DONE.  Easy peasy.


To break in the new mat I picked up some of Jeter’s favorite wet food from PetSmart.  Whenever I am in there I stock up on Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food.  PetSmart is the exclusive retailer for it and they carry many different varieties.  Purina makes 30 recipes in total so Jeter could have a different one every day for month!

Right now there is a printable coupon available that will get you three free packages of Muse when you purchase three!

#MyPetMyMuse Purina Muse

#MyCatMyMuse Purina Muse Cat Food

With Muse you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse.  “Natural has never been so delicious. Put Muse to the test with our clean plate guarantee.”

(Jeter can definitely attest to that!)


He loves the great taste and I love that all their recipes are made with real fish or poultry.  

Have you guys done any fun DIY projects for your cats lately?  If so, please let a link for me in the comments!  I am always looking for new ways to spoil the Jeet!

DIY: Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

DIY Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

Guess what guys?  Taylor is turning 9 next month!  I don’t know where the time has gone!  I oscillate between feeling like I have never been without her and that I just gave birth to her the other day.

This year she has chosen a Rock Star theme for her birthday party.  Once we settled on that I immediately started browsing for decorations on Etsy (because you KNOW I love a good theme party) and I found some amazing vinyl record dessert stands that would have been perfect! However, most of the sellers were in Australia or London and the shipping was $25.  I couldn’t force myself to pay that much for an item that we would only use for one party, so I started to source materials and realized I could make it for much less than that.  

I ordered this cupcake stand kit for only $3.99 from Etsy.  It came really quickly and I was happy with it.  (Sidenote, you can use this kit to make a dessert tray for many different themes.  For instance, how cute would this be for a tea party or an Alice and Wonderland theme?)

Tea Party Cupcake Stand Next, I scoured Ebay and found my three records.  I used a 7 inch record for the top tier, a 10 inch record for the middle tier and a 12 inch record for the bottom. 7 inch record10 inch record 12 inch record

I invested less than $20 on the whole project (including all records and the cupcake stand kit).

I waited a week for all my supplies to arrive and then one night after work I spread them out my bed (my favorite spot to do non-messy DIY projects) and Taylor and I got to work.


For this project, you will begin by putting the metal washer onto the screw and then a felt washer. Of course, you are going to need some equipment to carry out this project, including screws, so if you haven’t got any Timco collated screws, you might want to get some from a reliable online seller. Put the screw though the hole of the 12 inch record from the bottom up.  Put a felt washer over the screw on the top side of the record, and twist on one of the cake stand rods.

Cake Stand Rod

Then, put a felt washer onto the top of that rod and sit your 10 inch record on top.  Follow that with a felt washer and screw on the last middle rod.Editted 7 Again, put another felt washer and then your 7 inch record.  Top with another felt washer and screw on the top of the cake stand.

DIY Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

It took me and Taylor about 5 minutes to put the whole thing together.  Lots of felt washers and screwing but it was very quick.  I am really glad that we made our own stand instead of buying one.  I love to take part in a quick (and non-messy) DIY project with my girl.

I have a lot more exciting things planned for T’s party.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen the invitations we just sent out.  I will have a post up on them next week but here is a preview…Invites