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Birthday Shenanigans and Other Fun Weekend Activities!

2015-03-21 19.08.07

Good morning my loves!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was so fun!  Friday was a little odd as it was snowing pretty hard despite being the first day of Spring.  Thankfully, on Saturday the Sun was shining and it was a little warmer.

I spent the day running errands (nails, hair, taking Taylor to tutoring, etc).  I was a bit of a bad blogger because I took no pictures.  I did, however, make up for it on Saturday night and if you follow along on Instagram you probably caught a few of them.

I mentioned last week that my husband booked a private cooking class for us and our friends at the Art of Seduction.  We attended a lesson there in September and had SO MUCH FUN that we decided to do it again.  We even decided to make the same exact menu since it was so delicious.

My friends were not sure what to expect but they loved it.  You can read more about our last experience HERE and if you are in the New York Metro area and looking for something fun and different to do with your spouse or friends I HIGHLY recommend taking a class.

Here is a before selfie (sorry for the weird angle).  My dress is Aqua from Bloomingdales and my necklace is Perry Street from Rocksbox and I love it!

2015-03-21 17.32.03

I had to get a shot of my new birthday bag!  You can find more details on it here.

2015-03-21 18.38.20 2015-03-21 19.28.10 2015-03-21 20.47.43 2015-03-21 21.47.12

I am pretty drunk in the next two pictures.  I obviously had a good time and lot of wine.

2015-03-21 22.22.26 2015-03-21 22.49.59

On Sunday I hung around on the couch and whined about my massive headache and then managed to take Taylor to a mid-day showing of Insurgent.  It was really good.  I say that not having read the books so I have no basis of comparison where that is concerned.  Strictly as a person watching the movie I can say I enjoyed it.  

2015-03-22 13.09.28

Today I am linking up with Biana for weekending!  If you get a chance, swing by and show her some love.  ūüôā

Weekend Recap!

A Little Glitter Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy sleepy Monday!  My goodness, waking up extra early today was difficult.  I am definitely someone that enjoys my sleep (as is Taylor).  Hopefully we will get used to the time change soon.

This weekend was a fun one (even though Saturday did not start off very well). ¬†I had to go to the dentist. ¬†To give you a little bit of background on this – I used to have very crooked teeth. This should be the point where I insert a picture but I don’t have any (since this is the digital age, where you have the ability to view and delete photos where you appear with wonky teeth. ¬†What can I say? ¬†I am totally shallow. ¬†I wish I would have kept the worst ones as a basis of comparison for when I did eventually get them straightened but in the moment I would just delete them in horror.) ¬†I finally bit the bullet about a year and a half ago and got Invisalign. Mylign treatment too at a Dentist Marlborough and her teeth looked great, so I thought I’d try it. I wore the trays for 44 weeks. ¬†Then my teeth were wonderfully straight. ¬†Recently, I got a crown replaced, causing my retainer to no longer fit properly and my teeth shifted. ¬†My dentist agreed to do an adjustment and sent out to Invisalign for a few trays. ¬†I went on Saturday morning to pick them up and there were TEN trays. ¬†That means I have TWENTY weeks of Invisalign in my future. ¬†That means I will be wearing these trays until the end of Summer. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I keep trying to remind myself that this is something I am electing to do and it is totally based on aesthetics. ¬†I was just not prepared for having to deal with the inconvenience of having these trays in for such a lengthy period of time. ¬†I thought I was going to get two more weeks – not twenty. ¬†Oh well. ¬†If you have any questions about Invisalign, please feel free to ask. ¬†I complain about the trays but they definitely work and even though I have never had metal braces, I assume they are much easier to use than those. ¬†

After my Invisalign trauma I gathered Taylor up for some pampering.  We went to get our hair blown out (my Saturday ritual) and then we got manicures and had sushi.  How cute are her little hands?  She is so mature that sometimes I forget how small she is.  


On Sunday I attended a friend’s baby shower in Long Island and I popped in to see my bestie for a bit while I was out there. ¬†Lots of laughs and fun times. ¬†

All in all a pretty good weekend.  How was yours?

P.S. I managed to crack 50 Twitter followers this weekend!  I know that is not a lot to most people but my account is pretty new.  If you have an account and would like to follow me there I am at @_alittleglitter.  I would also love to follow you!