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Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs!

I dont know about you guys but every year right before Christmas I remember that I need to make/buy gifts for all the wonderful aids/helpers in my daughter’s school and I panic.  I panic because there are so many people and I have no idea what to get them all.  My daughter is so generous and she wants to give something to EVERYONE.  When we make a list of the people that we should get presents for, the conversation sounds something like this:

“We need to get something for the other lunch aid.  Not my regular lunch aid, but the other one, because she helped me once a few months ago when my regular aid was out and she is very nice.”

Then I stare at my list of twenty people and I wonder what I could possibly give them all for a few dollars each that would not be total garbage.  This year, I found an idea on Pinterest that I am so happy with and I just had to share it with you!

I am not sure who came up with this idea.  I did not.  I am not taking credit.  I am just showing you my take on it.  Periodically I am going to post an idea that I find on Pinterest with you guys.  Hopefully, it can help you, too.

So, to begin you must assemble your supplies.  You will need:

– a glue gun and glue sticks (I have the cheapest one ever that I bought at Michaels years ago.  I have used it thousands of times and it keeps on ticking.  No need to buy anything fancy here.)

– one regular-sized Kit Kat bar for each sleigh

– 10 Hershey miniatures for each sleigh

– a spool of thickish ribbon (I used gold)

– a peel and stick bow for each sleigh

– 2 candy canes per sleigh


To begin, let your glue gun warm up and assemble your supplies.  Then take a Kit Kat bar and put a strip of hot glue down each side and attach a candy cane.

Next, you are going to create a pyramid of Hershey’s Miniatures on top of the Kit Kat.  I used four bars for the base.  Hot glue those babies right on.


Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs

Next you are going to glue ribbon onto the sleigh and top it with a bow.

Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs



Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs


Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs

That is all there is to it!  So cheap and so easy!  Now the lucky recipient can eat the candy or save it as a cute decoration.

Last minute gift guide for the gals…

Christmas Gifts


Every year (except this one) I start my Christmas shopping in August. I try my best to be prepared. This year I totally fell off and in the upcoming week I have some shopping to do but I do have ideas as to what I plan to buy and I thought I should make some suggestions for you as well. Here are some items that I own or that I would love to own:

1. Sorel “Joan of Arc” Boot. These are not the most glamorous boots but let’s face it – it’s cold out and I’m sick of Uggs. I think these would actually look pretty cute with some jeans.

2. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier. Ree Drummond is amazing and her recipes are so easy to follow and delicious. I am going to post my own modification to one of her receipes later in the week that is a staple at Bannon Castle.

3. Tocca Florence Candle. This is my favorite candle of all time. The packaging is gorgeous and the scent is sublime. This makes a great hostess gift.

4. Ellen Tracy Coat. I personally own this coat. I searched for years for a dress coat like this and finally discovered it in September. I know it is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. People stop me in the street to compliment me on it constantly. Definite show stopper. I want to buy three more and lay them up in case anything every happens to the one I own.

5. ShopNestled Turquois Bib Statement Necklace. I love this necklace. It is from a small business on Etsy and the seller is amazing. The jewelry is very high quality. It’s not for everyone though. Some people will prefer the daintier and more personal custom necklaces from the Name Necklace Official website.

6. J.Crew Glitter Minaudière. Perfect for a glam girlfriend or all those New Year’s parties!

7. Crate and Barrell Oslo Candleholders. These are stunning in person and so heavy and well made.

8. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The latest installment in Urban Decay’s popular line of eye shadow compacts. This would be a wonderful gift for a sister, friend or me.


Not a sponsored post. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions. Post contains affiliate links.