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Guest Post – Jessi’s Design


 Hi I’m Jessi! Author over at Jessi’s Design. I’m a wife, new stay-at-home Mama and Southern gal that loves a good glass of wine, gossip, good food, entertaining, interior design and all things pink. My favorite thing currently you might ask? – grabbing a cup of coffee and meeting new bloggers, so come on and stop by! xoxo

When it comes to interior design, I am the complete opposite of modern. There is just something about the old style and charm of historic Victorians or antique shop finds that literally make me impulse buy (like on the regular!) I have a serious weakness for blues and blue willow design, gold framed anything and dark wood pieces.

When Pamela asked if I’d guest post for her, I jumped on the opportunity to spread some old fashioned style your way! We have an 1800’s historic home so keeping it in that style was important to us. There are so many antique shops within a 20 mile radius of us which makes it easy to find that special piece for any space. Finding that piece at a bargain is just an added bonus! You know what? Craigslist has produced some neat things too! Here are some of my favorite finds in our home thus far and also some inspiration photos of things I hope to do and find in the future. (we also have a little side business in the making of restoring and re-purposing old antique finds so stay tuned ya’ll!) Can we say Fixer Upper 2 anyone via HGTV? What are your favorite interior design styles?

This piece was actually found covered in bird poop in an old barn!



That kitchen table we found under old debris in one of our back sheds!

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Guest Post – Oh, For The Love Of Stories


You may not know this about me, but I’m obsessed with books, YA books to be more specific. Of course, you don’t know that about me, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself, which probably says more about me than any introduction I could ever write. 

Hi. I’m Kari.  I blog over at “By Kari Parker”, no, I mean “Oh, For The Love Of Stories”.  I’m going through a name change, hence the confusion.  When I meet most people I pretty much pretend like we’re best friends because it makes intros less awkward (or maybe not).  Just ask Pam – first time we met we bonded over scandalous bus rides and weird Tinder encounters.  I’m also dictating this intro to Siri while trying to run and catch the subway, so sorry for any typos or strange autocorrect.  But also, you’re welcome for the laughs to follow (for autocorrect, I mean. I’m only think I’m that funny).

So as I was saying, I don’t know about you, but I associate summer with summer love, with falling head over heels in love and not pausing to second guess things, for better or for worse. And no one does that better than young adults. Now I know, most of you are probably mature, normal people who read adult books, but I’ve got 5 amazing reasons (in the form of 5 novels) you should let you inner 16 year old out these final days of summer and read a YA novel about the bliss of falling in love for the first time.  


 My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I’ve raved and raved about this novel on my blog and featured it in a giveaway because it is just that good. I can’t seem to shake this sweet story of Sam, a soon-to-be senior in high school, who has grown up looking over in awe at the Garretts, the huge family that seems to live such an exciting life next door. For years, she’s imagined what being a part of their word would be like and then one night, she’s thrust into the middle of it. My Life Next Door made me laugh, cry and fall in love with summer and all the possibilities the warm weather carries. It also made me want to be a Garrett. You can read me gushing about it all in this mini-review if you’re interested.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I loved this book just as much the third time I read it as I did the first time (I also reviewed it here). Anna and the French Kiss transports us to Paris where anything is possible, especially love. When Anna gets shipped off to boarding school in Paris, she thinks it’s going to miserable. But then she meets four friends, one of which is a super attractive boy with an adorable accent, and she begins to realize that maybe Paris could feel just as much like home. It’s a charming, feel good story, Perkins perfectly capturing what it’s like the fall in love.  

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Earlier this week, I breezed through this novel in less than 24 hours and then reviewed it hours later because it was just that good. Right as summer begins, Emily’s best friend Sloane disappears without a warning, leaving only a to-do list behind. Everything on the list are things that Emily would never do, but hoping that Sloane will be at the end of it all, Emily embarks on an adventure to complete all 13 things, meeting unlikely accomplices along the way. Since You’ve Been Gone is the perfect novel about defining friendship, falling in love and finding yourself all in the same magical summer.   

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen explores the the damage of a single phrase “I’m fine”, mostly uttered at times when the speaker is in fact not fine. Out of habit, Annabel Green says this all the time, insisting that she is okay although her world feels like it’s falling apart. When she meets Owen, a handsome loner with a penchant for telling truth, it makes her wonder if she can tell her own as well.  I read and reviewed Just Listen  almost 2 years ago and still think about it and what it really means to “stand in your own truth.”  

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

With a name like Rainbow, she can do no wrong. Eleanor and Park has gotten a reputation for being a sadder book, and while it is, it’s also extremely happy and can induce an extreme case of the fuzzies. It’s the story of two misfit teens who somehow find solace in one another and all kinds of awkward and so, so very cute scenes ensue. There are dark moments, but it’s an incredible story about love and how even teenage love can work miracles.  
All of these novels are unique in story, yet, they all remind me what it’s like to be young and impulsive and in love with the idea of love, almost as much as the actual falling. They all remind me that I may be an old lady, but I’m not so far removed that I don’t remember how wonderful it feels. I hope you find that these books make you feel the same way. Nostalgic, I mean, not old. I’m not a monster.  

Pink and Fabulous – Guest Post

Hi ladies! I’m Lindsay and I blog about fashion, food, fitness and family over at Pink and Fabulous.  Today I wanted to do a bag dump – one of my favorites!- with my currently most-used bag:  my beach bag.  I call it a beach bag, but let’s be serious, it’s a pool bag, because that is where I am hauling my two littles ones most days this Summer.  

I try to keep my bag light because I have a second bag that just houses toys, goggles and flotation devices, and you know, shoulders.  Any other moms out there ever feel like a pack horse some days?  In all honesty, I have total overly organizational tendencies and clean it out way too frequently to keep it light and tight.  It’s a never-ending cycle!


Here is what is my list of essentials:

fabulous beach towel

I alternate between a few, most often this TJ Maxx find or a couple of J.Crew towels I have.  If you’re lounging on it, I say, make it cute!

reusable water bottle

I always have one in my bag.  I don’t need to be plowing through plastic bottles (environment!) and I am constantly refilling throughout the day to keep my water intake up.  Let’s be serious, I may be doing some serious sweating in the sun, and I need to replenish! I love my BKR!

bag for swimsuits

Without fail, one of my kids will want to change before we leave, so I have started carrying this Itzy Ritzy bag meant for wet clothes with me.  You can toss it in the washing machine to wash it with your towels.  So easy!


As much I would love to bring my Kindle, wet fingers go through my bag, so I stick to magazines.  It is almost always Coastal Living and US Weekly.  Such a power combo!


I’m all about all of the sunscreen.  All day.  Over and over.  I plow through it, but I also like to invest in the most natural brands I can.  I use a face sunscreen and a separate one for myself and the kids’ bodies.  I am loving this Alba Botanica one right now.  

fabulous sunglasses

A pair of great sunglasses is the best accessory for your bathing suit and a day at the pool! I am loving my cheapies from Amazon that are durable and protective!


What are you carrying in your beach bag this Summer?

Thanks for having me Pamela!


Firecracker Martini – The Sequin Notebook Guest Post

Firecracker Martini Recipe

Good morning!  Today I am sharing a fun beverage recipe over on The Sequin Notebook!  Stop by to learn how to make a Firecracker Martini!  (Spoiler alert – they are delish and extremely easy to make!)

Guest Post – The Sequin Notebook!

Happy Hump Day loves!  Today begins my vacay with Taylor (woo hoo!) so I have invited B and M to guest post!  Their blog is one of my favorites to read and I adore them as people as well!  They are some of the first bloggers I met in real life and I am happy to have the privilege of calling them my friends.  Without further ado…
Hey gals! We are B and M, longtime best friends who write together over at The Sequin Notebook, a lifestyle blog dedicated to glitter, party planning, crafting, beauty, fashion, reality tv, cocktails, and more things we love. We hope you’ll come visit us and say hi!
The Gals of The Sequin Notebook: M and B!
M is a Jersey girl and B lives in New York City, so we are both totally OVER this never-ending winter and ready for spring. When our blogger bestie Pam asked us to take over A Little Glitter today, we knew right away that we wanted to share the top 10 activities on our spring bucket list!

Seasonal Cooking


 The change of seasons is always the perfect excuse to try out some new recipes and take advantage of all of the delicious fruits and vegetables that are now in season. My go-to is always some fresh avocados for homemade guacamole, but after consulting this list, I’m planning to embrace some of the other flavors, such as mangoes, artichokes, and spinach!

Discover local outdoor events


 Once the temperatures start to warm up, I’m so ready to cure my wintry cabin fever with lots of outdoor time, so what better way than to discover some local events in your community. I love to check out the community calendars of my surrounding towns and bookmark some fun seasonal events. Already on my to-do list is a local carnival, an international food festival, and a wine walk.

Plan an herb garden


 On top of seasonal eating, I’m also looking forward to growing my own herb garden. I find that in order to get fresh herbs from the grocery store, you must buy a huge bushel, only to throw most of them out. So instead of wasting all of those delicious herbs, why not grow them in your own backyard and enjoy all Spring (and Summer!) long?

Bike rides


 Springtime is the perfect way to incorporate some outdoor activities into your fitness routine, and one of my favorites is going for a bike ride. Back when I was living in NYC, I’d love riding over to a different neighborhood to find a new dinner locale, and now that I’m in Jersey, I’m planning to do some leisurely bike rides down the shore on the boardwalk. But no matter where you live, it’s always fun to ride around and explore the area, all the while, you’re sneaking in some cardio while hardly even noticing!

Freshening up your beauty routine


 Any other fellow makeup junkies out there?! I love to add in some new colors to my Spring beauty routine, and this season I have my eye on peachy blushes and bright lips! I’m most excited to check out the new collaboration coming out from Nars and Christopher Kane and definitely anticipate adding one or two of those glosses to my makeup bag soon!

Patio grilling
While my apartment may be small, its most fabulous feature is the private patio that is big enough to hold a table for 8 and a grill, which is essential for all of my warm weather entertaining needs. I have been eagerly awaiting the first cook-out of the season, and I’m crossing my fingers that the temperatures will rise enough to hold it this week. Whether it’s dinner for two or an impromptu mini party, al fresco dining is a must-do spring activity!
Spring cleaning
At first glance, it may not seem like the most fun activity on this list, but there’s something really uplifting about spring cleaning – after all, it gives a literal “fresh start” to the season. The biggest item to tackle on my spring cleaning list is shedding some excess items from my closets – I tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories, but I’m determined to be ruthless this year. Any tips?

Picnic in the park


 I can’t wait for a lazy Sunday afternoon to pack up a picnic basket and blanket, and head down the street to Central Park. It’s a cheap, easy daytime date – just pack some cold beers and yummy sandwiches and you’re good to go!


Theme parties for spring events

We love any excuse to throw a theme party, and luckily spring provides us with some built-in occasions for some stylish festivities! Hold a guacamole competition at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, don your best hat and pearls at a Kentucky Derby party (don’t forget the mint juleps), or host a good, old-fashioned American barbecue in honor of Memorial Day…no matter what your party style, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this spring!

Second Quarter (Q2) blog planning day
This one is for all of the other bloggers out there. Every quarter, M and I get together for a full day work session where we collaborate on big blog projects and make sure that our post calendar, finances, social media channels, email correspondence, and sponsorships are all up to date and ready for the next few months. We take it so seriously that we stick to the office hours of a regular work day! Even if you don’t have a co-blogger, we highly recommend building a full blog day into your planner this spring – it’s a great way to tackle some of those seemingly overwhelming tasks that require extra time and special attention.
What’s on your spring bucket list? We hope to see you over at The Sequin Notebook soon – thanks again to Pam for having us today!