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Happy Friday!

happy friday

Woo Hoo!  Friday!  I am gearing up for a pretty fabulous weekend.  Minimal errands, brunch with a girlfriend and getting my hair done.  Not too shabby!  

Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for my Friday Favorites!  Let’s jump right into them…

1. Keurig Mini.  It is safe to say that I have a pretty serious caffeine addiction.  I just added another coffee brewer to my collection this past weekend.  I have a Nespresso machine but sometimes I want regular drip coffee instead of lattes or espresso.  I had an older Keurig but it was so big that I never used it.  This little guy is perfect though!  There is no water reservoir.  You just pour in the amount you need for one cup in the top, insert your K Cup and press the brew button.  Easy peasy!

2016-02-13 13.06.36

2. Kitchen Island.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was stalking the Crate & Barrel Belmont Island.  It was pretty expensive at $596.75.  (That is after using a 10% off coupon, too!)  


I am pretty proud to say that I didn’t buy it.  Instead I found something more reasonably priced.    Years ago I would have just bought it anyway on a credit card and justified to myself that we were getting our taxes back soon or that it was the star of the kitchen and needed to be a decent piece.  That landed us in some pretty heavy debt.  Since selling our house I am totally debt free and it is a really nice feeling.  I am trying to make more responsible financial decisions.  Thanks to the internet (how did people survive without it?) I was able to find a similar island that suits my needs probably better than the first one!  (Picture it without the heinous wheels.  I don’t plan on using them.)


The dimensions are almost identical and I like the open shelving.  The best part is that it is – wait for it – $400 cheaper than the first island!  #Boom

3.  Trump.  I am not a fan of his personally but two hilarious things involving him happened this week that gave me a good chuckle.  The first was this tweet:


That’s pretty brutal.  It’s like something straight out of Mean Girls.  I would never elect a President that operated that way but I still thought it was pretty funny.  

 The next thing is this video:

Can I just say that Jimmy Fallon’s wig looks more real than Trump’s actual hair, lol!

4. Fitbit Flex.  I mentioned last week that I discovered the health app on my iPhone and it totally opened my eyes to how few steps I was taking each day?  Well, today I took it a step further (see what I did there?) and bought a FITBIT!  I have officially drank the Kool Aid!  Do you have tips?  What do I need to know about this thing?


5. Funny.  I am going to leave you with this today:  


I just died laughing when I saw this on Insta.  I love her crazy eyes in he pic.  Hahahaha!  

Okay loves!  Have a fabulous weekend!  xo

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!  Today is a little sad because my bestie (who has been vacationing in NYC for the Summer) is heading home and leaving me today.  #BlondeSummer2015 has been one for the books though and I cant wait for next year!  I am  going to miss her so much!

 Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for a Friday Favorites post.  Let’s jump right into it:


1. 3 Ingredient Nutella Mug Cake.  Boom.  The description pretty much says it all!  I already have all the ingredients and I making this this weekend for sure!  I will definitively report back on my findings!


2. Sephora Subscription Box.  I am not a huge subscription service gal but I want this one!  I  tried to sign up but I was put on the wait list.  Darn!  It is only $10 per month, too.  


3.  You by Caroline Kepnes.  I just finished reading this as part of my Literary Ladies Book Club and I liked it.  It was creepy but I could not put it down.  If you are looking for something darker this may be a good option for you!


4.  Living Room.  I dont know where this is from – I found it on Pinterest but it is perfection.


5.  This Outfit.  It’s so perfect for early Fall!

Alright loves!  Have a fabulous Monday!  I will see you back here.  P.S. Dont forget to join in on Tuesday for the second installment of the Share The Love Link Up!  

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday ladies and gents!  What a quick week!  This weekend is a busy one.  Tomorrow, I have the SoFab conference (is anyone else going to that?) and Sunday is Father’s Day!  Both good things but I have a feeling they are going to cause the weekend to be over in a flash.  

Today I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della to share my Friday Favorites.  Let’s get this party started:

1.  Kate Hudson.  I have to start this post with a big thank you to Kate Hudson’s sick body.  This photo inspired me to work out four days in a row this week!  I knew she was in good shape but MY GOSH!  She is 36, has TWO kids and she is a total inspiration!  rs_600x600-150616103059-600.kate-hudson-bikini-greece.jw.61615_2

2.  Entourage.  I saw this the other night and it was EPIC.  If you like the show then you will love the movie.  It was basically just like one long episode.  I must say – I love me some Ari Gold!  He is my fave!  His angry, aggressive behavior inspires me for some reason.  It makes me want to run five miles or kick some butt.  Between him and his fury in this movie and that Kate Hudson picture above, I was extremely inspired this week.

3.  A Pinch of Lovely.  I mentioned previously that I bought these in black.  Well, I have been wearing them non-stop.  They are so cute and stylish that I went back and bought them in tan as well.  Now, I just saw them on A Pinch of Lovely and I feel like I cant live without the coral. Thoughts?

Koa koa_exuma_2232_1

4. Taylor Swift.  I love that she is a Crazy Cat Lady!  How cute is her kitty btw?  

T Swift

5. OITNB.  I have been totally cracked out on OITNB all week.  I finally bit the bullet and started watching the series from the beginning and it has taken over my whole life.  I have only been sleeping for around four hours a night because I stay up binge watching it.  I cant help myself though!  #YOLO



Alright loves, have a fabulous weekend and I will meet you back here on Monday!  xo

High Five for Friday – Long Island Addition!

High Five for Friday Graphic

Happy Friday!  This week was one of the best that I have had in a long time!  Taylor and I traveled out to Long Island to visit with my one of beautiful besties and her kiddos for Spring Break.  My face hurts from smiling so much.


1.  As per our usual, we started our trip with a selfie.  Look at Taylor’s face.  Bwahahah!  She looks like Popeye.  I cant even take her.



2.  Our first stop was the Riverhead Aquarium, where we got to hang with my adorable nephew, Greggers, and my fab sister in law.

Taylor's New Room

 3.  The next day we went to the Riverhead Outlets and WE CLEANED UP.  I managed to score the above duvet cover with two matching shams from Pottery Barn Teen for $40! Taylor has been wanting to change her room from the current pink princess theme to something more sophisticated for a while.  When she saw this cheetah print bedding at Pottery Barn Teen she fell in love.  I will post pictures when we begin the tween room transition but at least we have a starting point now.


4.  This pic is a little blurry due to all the jumping but we also took the girls to a trampoline park and they had a BLAST!  It was great exercise.  By the time we left my daughter was red-faced, sweaty and tuckered out.  It was a total success in my book.


5.  On my last night there Tiff and I left the kids at home and met another girlfriend out for a grown up dinner and some wine.  It was the perfect end to a really, really great trip.  

 I am linking up with Natasha, Lauren and Jennie this week.  If you get a chance, swing on by and show them some love!  

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I am so looking forward to Easter!

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High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday Graphic

Good morning!  Happy Friday!  Here are my favorite moments from the past week:

Pink Roses

Kitchen Flowers

1.  My thoughtful hubby brought home flowers for Taylor and I last weekend “just because” and I have really enjoyed watching them bloom.  I thought it was incredibly sweet of him and it gives me a reminder each morning of how lucky I am when I walk into the kitchen and see them.

Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

2.  I finally got the maple extract I was waiting on and was able to make the most delicious cookies ever.  I don’t know how I can go back to regular old cookies now that I have experience maple bacon chocolate chip.  They were life changing.

Wrap Dress

3.  I was totally coveting the BCBG Adele Wrap Dress this week but it was almost $200.  Then, I managed to find the one above on Amazon for $60!  SCORE!  I love when I find something fabulous for a good price!  I got a total shopper’s high from that one!

Fresh Lip Treatment

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide 'Premiere' Regeneration Eye Cream

4.  I ordered two new beauty products this week!  One is the Fresh Sugar Treatment (which I am obsessed with).  It is the only thing that works on my chapped lips.  The second item is Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Regeneration Eye Cream.  It is supposed to do wonders for under-eye dark circles and fine lines.  Lately, no matter how much I sleep, I wake up with raccoon eyes.  Hopefully this works.  I will definitely report back after I use it for a few weeks.

Greggers Editted5.  Last but not least – I got to go to my little nephew’s first birthday party last weekend!  He had a great time and clearly enjoyed his cake!  I just love that smile!  How cute are my baby brother and his baby in the matching shirts?  

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Today I am linking up with The Lauren ElizabethThe Diary of a Real Housewife and Hello Happiness.  If you get a moment, you should swing by their blogs and show some love.

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