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High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday Graphic

Phew! It is FINALLY Friday and FINALLY the end of February!  Was it just me or was this the longest month ever?  

Today I am linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth, The Diary of a Real Housewife and Hello Happiness.  If you get a moment, you should swing by their blogs and show some love. 

Here are my memorable moments from the past week:

Ombre Hair Front

1.  Saturday I was able to finally banish my roots.  That was a big relief.  Hopefully my new ombre hair color will be less maintenance!  So far I love it.

Ryan Bracelets

2.  My friend’s little brother, Ryan, is the most inspirational little guy ever.  He has been extremely sick for a while (I don’t really want to disclose the nature of his illness since it is not my place) but suffice to say it is very serious and yet he remains so positive and upbeat.  While recovering, he has been making some amazing bracelets and has developed a website to sell them.  I just received two of them the other day and they are so intricate!  If you are interested in buying one the website is:  http://ryancarasitihopebracelets.yolasite.com/.  I hope you will take a minute and a few dollars to make a wonderful guy’s day.  

Money3.  Tax Time!  What What!  (Insert me raising the roof!)  (Insert me realizing that the kids don’t do that anymore and I am officially old!)  (Insert me NOT CARING because I’m rich!)  Just kidding.  I’m not rapper rich but I do love tax time because I get a few dollars back.  I wish I could buy a new purse with it but it is looking like we are getting a new roof instead. #oldpeopleproblems.  

Boardwalk Empire

4.  Since Taylor is now old enough to have sleepovers, last weekend she slept out at her friend’s house!  I missed her terribly but it was also nice to have some alone time with the husband.  We got to drink a little wine and watch Boardwalk Empire and it was not a bad time.  

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

5.  Lately, I have felt like even after I wash my hair it doesn’t feel properly “clean”.  I started to speculate that since I use a lot of products they may have caused a build up.  I did some research online and everyone raves about Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo.  It is a clarifying shampoo that strips away all the gunk and leaves your hair fresh and clean.  I bought it a few weeks ago and finally got around to using it and oh my gosh –  I am in LOVE!  It has a great minty smell and leaves my hair squeaky clean.  It really makes my new color pop, too.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am looking forward to watching the new Scandal (which is waiting for us on the DVR), my adorable nephew’s first birthday party and going to see Anchorman!  What do you guys have planned?


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Hey Everybody!  It’s about that time!  High Five for Friday! 

High Five for Friday Graphic

1.  This felt like an incredibly short week due to all the snow that has been dumped on New York.  I am officially OVER it.  As much as I enjoy drinking wine and playing Monopoly with Taylor (in lieu of going to work), I am ready for this cold to go away!


2.  This week I got a monogrammed iPhone case that I am in love with!  I bought it on Etsy from Simply Monogram.  They are only $16.99 and have so many gorgeous options that I feel like buying a few more.

Iphone Case

 3.  I just finished reading a new book called The Dead Lie Down by Sophie Hannah.  It came highly recommended and I could not put it down!  It kept me in suspense the whole time.  I am pleased to see that Sophie Hannah has a few other books out as well.  I love when I find a new author!

The Dead Lie Down

 4.  I finally got a chance to try the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask I bought last week.  My hair is so dry from this weather and I was really considering getting a bunch of it cut off.  Thankfully, this mask was able to repair it.  It is much healthier and shinier since I used it.  This product has a really nice scent, too. 

Macadamia Mask

 5.  My hubby and I finally got with the times and bought a Smart TV a few months ago.  We have been taking advantage of the Netlix/Amazon features ever since and have watched all the seasons of Breaking Bad and have gotten totally caught up on Scandal.  (Sidenote, I am OBSESSED with Olivia Pope’s wardrobe!)  Now, until Scandal comes back on at the end of the month we are in need of a new series.  Any suggestions?  What are you all watching?


I think there is supposed to be another snowstorm (sigh) on Sunday, so I will probably just hibernate and cook.  What are you guys doing this weekend? 

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