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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Everyone!  This week just flew by for me!  Summer is so jammed full with fun events, parties and activities that it makes the time pass so quickly!  I cant believe we are already halfway through July!  I need time to slow down.   Continue reading

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Chicas!  I hope you all had a nice week.  This one went by very quickly for me for some reason.  I actually have a lot of things on the books (including an all day blog conference tomorrow) but I am trying not to stress about all the items on my to-do list and instead go with the flow.  Easier said than done for me though since I tend to be a stresser, lol. Continue reading

Happy Friday!


Not to be annoyingly chipper but I am in a great mood today!  I have felt inspired with my blog this week and things are just flowing.  You know how sometimes you feel like you HAVE to post and sit there and brainstorm about what you are going to write about and it feels like work? This week has been the exact opposite of that.  I got so much accomplished and it has been really effortless and pleasant.  Along with the joy ALG has brought me this week, my other favorites are:

1.  The Big Apple Circus.  The Circus is coming to Lincoln Center in NYC and I am going with my family.  T and I love the animals and the clowns and the trapeze the most!  I have also partnered up with the Big Apple Circus to give one lucky reader tickets to the Saturday show on opening weekend!  You can enter below using the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Press for Champagne Sign.  I bought one of these for my bestie for her birthday a few months back and I have been coveting it ever since.  The other day I bit the bullet and got one for myself!  I cant wait to get it!  IT EVEN RINGS!  

Press For Champagne

3.  Business Cards.  Last month I attended a blog event and discovered that apparently bloggers were supposed to have business cards?  I had no idea.  I was literally the only one in the room that did not have one.  I HATE TO BE UNPREPARED!  So, I designed and ordered a batch and I am obsessed with them!  (I’d show you the back but I don’t like my telephone number to be out on the internet.)

A Little Glitter Pamela Bannon

4.  Pumpkin Decorating.  We have yet to go pumpkin picking but I am leaning towards painting mine this year.  I feel like they last so much longer and look so much better (and I also enjoy not dealing with this mushy guts or gross smell involved in carving).  I saw this one on Pinterest and I am loving the gold!

Gold Pumpkins

5.  Halloween Costumes.  I took this cute face to the costume store last week and she chose what she is going to be!  Introducing the sassiest and sweetest Bat Girl ever!

2014-10-03 15.21.03 2014-10-03 16.06.47I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I am participating in a few link-ups this week.  If you get a chance you should swing by and show love to the hosts.  They are LaurenAmanda and Natasha.  Thanks for hosting ladies!