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DIY Waterproof Pet Placemat – #MyCatMyMuse

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#MyCatMyMuse Purina Muse Cat Food

Does anyone else have a slobbish pet?  I love my kitty, Jeter, with my whole heart but he is a hot mess when it comes to eating.  He splashes in his water bowl and gets food everywhere.  It’s not a good look when company comes over and there are puddles of water and pieces of cat food on your kitchen floor.

To combat this problem I realized that I would need to put something underneath his bowls.  It would have to be waterproof and easy to clean.  I looked online but I couldn’t find anything that I liked.  Then, the idea struck me to just make my own placemat.  I had a roll of peel and stick vinyl laminate in the closet, so I decided to sandwich something between two sheets of it.  


  After a quick Google search of cat fabrics (unfortunately not the strangest thing I’ve Googled) I stumbled upon this one and knew it would be the perfect fit for my gentleman cat.  


Jeter is a Lilac Point Balinese and he is very regal.  If he could have a mustache and a monocle, he totally would.  This print was made for him!  

Jeter Bannon #MyPetMyMuse A Little Glitter Lilac Point Balinese Cat

I hunkered down on the floor (my favorite crafting spot) with two yards of Cats with Mustaches fabric (one would have been fine but better safe than sorry), fabric scissors and the roll of peel and stick vinyl laminate and got to work.

(Jeter helped by supervising the project.)

Jeter Helps

I spread out the roll of vinyl laminate to the size that I wanted for the placemat (leaving room for trimming) and cut off a piece.  Then, I used that to measure out an identical piece and cut it off the roll as well.  I peeled off the backing paper on one of the sheets of vinyl and laid it on top of my fabric.  (This way I could position it over the part of the pattern that I want included.)  

IMG_4308  Next, I trimmed all the way around.

Cats with Mustaches

When I was finished cutting I flipped the placemat over, peeled the paper off my second piece of vinyl and stuck that on the back side.

Step Two

 Finally, I trimmed along the edges to make sure they were straight and uniform and I was DONE.  Easy peasy.


To break in the new mat I picked up some of Jeter’s favorite wet food from PetSmart.  Whenever I am in there I stock up on Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food.  PetSmart is the exclusive retailer for it and they carry many different varieties.  Purina makes 30 recipes in total so Jeter could have a different one every day for month!

Right now there is a printable coupon available that will get you three free packages of Muse when you purchase three!

#MyPetMyMuse Purina Muse

#MyCatMyMuse Purina Muse Cat Food

With Muse you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse.  “Natural has never been so delicious. Put Muse to the test with our clean plate guarantee.”

(Jeter can definitely attest to that!)


He loves the great taste and I love that all their recipes are made with real fish or poultry.  

Have you guys done any fun DIY projects for your cats lately?  If so, please let a link for me in the comments!  I am always looking for new ways to spoil the Jeet!

How I Became A Crazy Cat Lady

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1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target #1StopPetShop #Iams

If you are familiar with A Little Glitter then you have noticed my transition in the past few months from normal person to full-fledged, unapologetic, crazy cat lady. If you had told me a year ago that this would happen, I would have laughed in your face but somehow it has.

Growing up I came from a big family. My parents had five kids and we had countless pets. We had fish, cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, birds, various reptiles and at one point there was even a ferret. My Father worked and my Mom stayed at home and tended to the kids and the animals. My life as an adult is very different. My husband I both work long hours and our free time is crammed full of activities and social events. We are always on the go.

For years, I felt guilty about not giving our 9 year-old daughter, Taylor, a sibling (or even a pet) but I just didn’t think it would be right to bring anything else into our already crazy lives when they wouldn’t get the attention they deserved. Every year I would look at dog websites in the months leading up to Christmas and finally veto the idea because it would be mean to leave a puppy sitting home alone all day. I also considered getting a kitten (since I love cats and they are more independent) but had to rule it out because my husband is allergic.

Then, one day last Fall I came across an article about the Lilac Point Balinese and discovered that in addition to being stunningly beautiful and great with kids, they are also hypoallergenic! After consulting with my husband and doing a bunch of research on sites like fuzzyrescue.org, I started looking for a breeder that would have a kitten available in time for Christmas. Everyone that I found would not have kittens until the Spring and even then there were waiting lists. Then, I got a recommendation for a breeder in Seattle that may have the exact kitten I was looking for. I gave him a call and discovered he had ONE KITTEN left from his current litter. It was destiny. I made arrangements and within a month Jeter Bannon was on an airplane from Seattle to NYC!

I assumed Jeter would be mostly Taylor’s pet but from the second I opened his carrier I fell instantly in love with him. He is the most adorable puffball and is so outgoing, loving and smart. When I get home from a long day at work he sees me coming up the driveway and runs to the door to greet me and present himself for petting.

1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target ALittleGlitter #CollectiveBias #1StopPetShop1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target ALittleGlitter #CollectiveBias #1StopPetShop

Since Jeety is my beloved furbaby, I spoil him. When he first came into our lives I set out to buy him a bed and I have purchased (and returned) six of them. (No joke.) He would just not use them regardless of shape, size or price. I found myself going to all these different specialty stores and ordering his supplies online. It was a pretty big hassle. Then, lo and behold, one day when I was in Target perusing the shelves and filling my cart with everything from clothes to food to gold sea urchins, I came across the cat section! I discovered that they have EVERYTHING a pet owner could want. Now, I can buy his food (Iams Grain Free Naturals), toys, treats and litter all in the same store that I spend most Saturdays in anyway!

When Jeter first came along I fed him special food that I had to buy online but after speaking to some other Cat Mamas I discovered that Iams was a great brand and decided to try it out. Iams offers a variety of formulas based on your pets’ different needs with food available for any diet type. I feed Jeet their Grain Free Naturals brand and he loves it. When I first got him, I was worried about how much to feed him because I didn’t want to cause any health conditions. Luckily, there is lots of information online so I researched more about it at tuxedo-cat.co.uk.

1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target #1StopPetShop #CollectiveBias

Discovering Target’s huge selection has made my life so much easier. In addition to being able to pick up his food without having to go to an additional pet store, it is cheaper and I even found a Jeter-approved cat bed and it was only $9! With the help of my Target Cartwheel app I have been able to save a bunch of money on pet supplies as well. Starting June 5th they are having the following deals:

Here are some of the goodies I bought for him during my latest trip to Target last weekend (including his awesome new bed):

1 Stop Pet Shop #1StopPetShop #Collective Bias Iams Target1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target #1StopPetShop #CollectiveBias 1 Stop Pet Shop Iams Target #1StopPetShop #CollectiveBias

When the King is happy, we are all happy.

I just love being a pet owner, don’t you? Do you shop for pet supplies with groceries or do you visit a specialty store? Have you used the Cartwheel App at Target?