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The Big Apple Circus – The Grand Tour

The Big Apple Circus - The Grand Tour Review

I am fortunate enough that I get to do a lot of fun activities with my daughter in NYC but I have to say that I always look forward to taking her to the see the Big Apple Circus.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  Walking through Lincoln Center and seeing the tent peeking out is just so exciting!  We always have fun and we always leave in a good mood.
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I think part of the reason that we find it so enjoyable is because of it’s size.  The tent is small and it feels cozy.  One of the most difficult parts of taking children to shows is that sometimes they have difficulty seeing over the people in front of them.  There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a show and then your child cant even enjoy it!  That problem is completely eliminated at the Big Apple Circus.  Every seat is a good seat and every seat feels close to the ring.  I have sat in the top row and I still had a fabulous view.  Also, the clowns are HILARIOUS and they wander around the audience as part of their routine.

I loved the feel of The Grand Tour.  I am a huge fan of Great Gatsby, art deco and the 1920’s.  That time period just speaks to me and I loved the decor and vibe of the show.

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Some of the highlights of the show for me were:

The Animals.  Since every seat is less than 50 feet from the ring, kids will have a great view of the dogs and ponies. There is even the time during intermission to ride a pony right in the ring for only $10.


 The Energy Trio.  Their handstands were so amazing and the crowd loved them! 2015-11-27 11.42.28 (1)

The Ringmaster.  John Kennedy Kane is such a great host.  He has so much charisma.  When I think of the Big Apple Circus, I think of him (with his broad shoulders and booming voice).

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The show is running now through January 10, 2016 and I highly recommend it!  It is definitely a NYC must do!