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Oh Yeah…Ombre Hair!

As I mentioned recently in this post, I was struggling with the upkeep of my blonde hair and trying to decide on a new look that would be less maintenance for the remainder of the Winter.  I was considering two different options.  The first was to go totally dark and the second was ombre.  I have been a brunette before and I liked it but I had never done ombre.  I was on the fence about which way to go. Then, I went to see my hair girl on Saturday and when we were discussing my options she pointed out a problem with going darker that I had forgotten!  THE DREADED REVERSE ROOT!  This is a phenomenon that occurs  when you hair is dyed darker than your natural color.  When lighter hair starts to grow in, it looks like you have grey roots.  Since I was changing my color to avoid roots, that made up my mind for me very quickly.  We decided to do ombre but weave in some longer chunkier blonde highlights to break it up.  I am super happy with how it turned out!  

Ombre HairHere is a car selfie so you can see how awesome it looks from the front!

Ombre Hair FrontWhat do you guys think?

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