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Fourth of July Dessert Guide

I cant believe it is almost the Fourth!  This Summer is just flying by!  I have a few barbecues that I am planning to attend this holiday weekend and I have just finished searching Pinterest for ideas on what to bring.  I tend to go with dessert items that are fruity, light and wont melt in the heat.  Here are a few that really stood out to me:

Skinny Taste

1.  This red, white and blue trifle from Skinnytaste.com is so beautiful and not too bad for you in the calorie department!  

Rice Krispie Treats

2.  These are so cute for the kids!  I love that I would be able to make them with my daughter!  

Patriotic Strawberries

3.  These chocolate and sprinkled-dipped strawberries are extremely easy to make and yet so festive and pretty!

Patriotic Rose Cake

4.  I had never used a piping bag until the past December when I made a pull-apart wreath cake.  I was really nervous about it but it wound up being so easy!  I am eager to make another dessert that involves a piping bag.  I think I could master this one and I am strongly considering it for a barbecue this weekend.  It has such a strong wow factor!

Fruit Pizza

5.  I’ve seen posts from time to time about fruit pizzas but I have never made one.  I am thinking that now might be the time to start with this adorable patriotic dessert!