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Legacy Box Review – Part One {+ a promo code!!}


Last year during my move I found some 8mm tapes in a desk drawer.  It took a few seconds to realize what they were but when I remembered it brought a HUGE smile to my face.  Back in the Summer/Fall of 2001 I had a video camera.  I was 18, I bought it on a whim (and a credit card) and took it with me EVERYWHERE.  This was back before reality TV was a thing and way before it was an obnoxious thing.  I think the only TV show like that that even existed at this point was the Real World and it was probably early days. Continue reading

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review A Little Glitter

Over the Summer I cut my hair pretty short.  (Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get a buzz cut or anything but I took off a significant amount of length.)  

My husband and I were in the early stages of separating, I was super stressed and I needed a change.  At the time it felt very freeing and it also had the added benefit of making my beauty routine easier, so that was nice.  As time passed though, I started to miss my long locks.  

I found this picture on the internet recently and it pretty much sums up my current hair situation.

I found this picture on the internet recently and it pretty much sums up my current hair situation.

Even now, I have gained a few inches but I still feel like it is growing  at a snail’s pace.  I’ve even been taking vitamins with Biotin but nothing seems to be helping.  

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

When Irresistible Me reached out to collaborate on a review I was really excited about the prospect of having long hair instantly!  I was nervous though.  I am not a professional hair person by any means and I have never used extensions before.  I was intimidated by the thought of putting them in but after checking out their website I felt a lot better.  There have a ton of information on their website and Pinterest that put my mind at ease.  There are pictures and videos showing the different colors, lengths and wefts of hair and tutorials on how to attach the pieces.  This one really made me feel confident that I would be able to put them in properly.


I went on their website to choose the length, weight and color of my extensions.  This part was actually very difficult for me.  Even though they have charts and videos to help you choose the shade closest to your color, my hair is dark blonde with platinum blonde highlights.  I was not sure what color to match the extensions to since I have two very different shades happening.  I ultimately decided to go with light brown color so that it would match the darker tones on the underside of my hair.  I am so glad I did that!  It wound up looking great!

There are tons of different colors you can choose from and when you get your order there are two different sealed packages of hair inside.  One contains your extensions and the other contains smaller sample pieces that you can put on to confirm that you ordered the right color.  If you need to return or exchange just send back the sealed package of extensions and you are good to go.  I thought that was a really smart idea.  This way you can try on the hair in the comfort of your own home without being stuck with it if you ordered the wrong shade.

I chose 20″ length and I decided on 200g in weight. I was really aiming for length and volume and looking for a dramatic difference from my real hair.  The 200g comes with ten pieces.  Included in the box were:

1 x 4 clips
2 x 3 clips
5 x 2 clips
2 x 1 clips

This chart really helped me narrow down the length.  I am glad I looked at it before ordering though.  Since I was wanting long hair I probably would have gone with the longest possible option had I not seen it and it would have felt like too much for me.  I am 5’11 and the 20″ length was almost down to my waist!


My first impression of my Irresistible Me extensions was that it was A LOT of hair.  I was really excited about it.  I also could not believe how quickly it arrived!  They ship their products from China so I thought I would have to wait a while but it came super quick.  I got it within a week.

I finally got the chance to experiment with my new hair last weekend and my first impression of them is that the extensions are FUN!  Even my friend’s son got in on the action!  He sported a boy bob and a mullet!  

My hair grows pretty slowly and I have to cut it regularly due to bleaching it blonde.  I have never been able to have such a fabulous, voluminous mane before and I LOVED IT!  I really felt like a mermaid!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

The difference between my normal everyday hair and my hair with the Irresistible Me extensions was striking and I was really impressed with how real the hair felt.  It did not feel awkward, itchy or like I was wearing a wig.  (I worried about all those things.)  I wore them two full days in a row and I was very comfortable.

I am really looking forward to styling it different ways in the future.  I cant wait to see how it all looks curled for a night out or even in a cute braid!  Overall Irresistible Me made me a believer!  I had not considered extensions before and now I am hooked!

Before and After

If you are in the market for extensions, Irresistible Me is offering 20% off for new customers with the code GET20OFF!

Disclaimer: I was sent the extensions by Irresistible Me in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are 100% my own. 

Koneko Cat Cafe

Koneko Cat Cafe NYC Review

Last month one of my co-workers brought in a magazine cut-out for me as a joke.  Everyone at my office teases me about my crazy cat lady tendencies, so when he saw an article in New York Magazine about a new cat cafe called Koneko, he thought it would be funny to give it to me.  Well, the joke wound up being on him because I COULDN’T WAIT TO GO!  Well, first I had some questions.  Then, I couldn’t wait to go.  

My two main questions about Koneko (and cat cafes in general) were:

What the heck is a cat cafe?

Is it gross to eat around cats?  Will I get fur in my food?

I did some research and after I was satisfied with the answers to my questions (which I will share with you below) I decided to have lunch there with Taylor.

Koneko (which means “kitten” in Japanese) opened in November on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side of NYC.  The founder is a 25 year-old guy named Benjamin Kalb.  He was actually there hanging out when I went and I was able to ask him some questions about the business.  I have to say the more that I learned about Koneko, the more I loved it.

Koneko had about 15 kitties when I went there.  The cats are brought in by Anjellicle Cats Rescue.  They are shelter cats that are scheduled to be euthanized.  Instead, with the help of Anjellicle Cats Rescue and Koneko they get a new lease on life.  They get to hang at this beautiful facility and hopefully find a family to adopt them.  Taylor fell in love with one of them but he was already in the process of being adopted by another family.  

Koneko Cat Cafe ReviewWhen you first enter the cafe there are tables, chairs and a coffee bar.  You can get some pastries, beverages and sit and eat.  Taylor and I had just had eaten before going there, so we didn’t eat and I cant review the food.  People seemed to be enjoying it though and the pastries looked delicious.

Koneko Cat Cafe Review

If you want to play with the cats (YES PLEASE) you continue through the cafe to the glass doors in the back.  There, you find slippers, hooks and cubbies where you can leave your coats and shoes.  I loved that!  What is better than hanging with cats?  Hanging with cats while wearing comfortable shoes!

2015-11-11 13.01.29

That answered my question about the cat hair in my food.  The kitties are kept in a glassed off portion away from the restaurant area so no stray fur flying around your pastries.     

2015-11-11 13.03.49

There are two floors where the cats hang out and there is a kitty tunnel that connects them, so they can roam freely from the upstairs to the downstairs.  Human patrons have to take the stairs to get from one level to another and from there you have an excellent view of the outdoor cat garden.  It is not currently open due to NYC’s frigid temps but in the Spring you can hang outside with the cats.  There is also a gorgeous mural on the wall done by Tim Diet.

2015-11-11 13.10.05 2015-11-11 13.10.19

The clientele in Koneko consisted almost exclusively of Moms and their kids and twenty-something girls while I was there.  There are cat toys throughout and also areas for the critters to climb, perch and sleep.  It wasn’t too packed and the vibe was very mellow. 

2015-11-11 13.14.16

It costs $15 per hour and I do recommend that you make an appointment on their website.  We almost were not able to get a spot since we just walked in.  They limit the amount of people allowed in cattery.

I highly recommend visiting Koneko.  I had a great experience there and I love their mission.  For more information, you can visit their website.


Monster Jam Path of Destruction Review

Monster Jam Ice Cream Man

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend Monster Jam with my family at Metlife Stadium as part of their Path of Destruction tour.  This was our first time attending a monster truck show but it will NOT be our last.  While we love to watch on television, we now know that there is a HUGE difference in actually being there and seeing these giant trucks perform stunts live.  There is an incredible energy in the crowd and the pyrotechnics and cheering create a really electric environment.

Our day started around 2 pm since we were invited to go on a fun tour of the track with the folks from Feld Entertainment.  

Metlife Stadium Monster Jam Blog ReviewMetlife Stadium Monster Jam Review

My daughter and nephew got to meet some of the crew and a few of the drivers backstage (including Roy Pridgeon and  J.R. McNeal) and hold one of the trophies!  

Ice Cream Man Monster Truck Drive Roy Pridgeon Xtermigator Monster Truck Driver J.R. McNealMonster-Jam-Backstage-TourNext we went out on to the track.  (I have to say that it was very cool to see the seats from the perspective of the Jets/Giants players.)  We learned all about the science that goes into designing the obstacles.  They create them using using a computer-designed track map.  Did you know that Monster Jam owns dirt in almost every city it visits?  

Monster Jam Metlife Stadium Review Track Walk Monster Jam Track Walk Monster Jam Track Walk Blog Review

After our track walk we went over to the Pit Party.  If you are going to attend a Monster Jam event I highly recommend getting a ticket for the Pit Party as well.  The trucks are on display and you can meet the drivers, get signatures and have your pictures taken with them.  There is also food and tents set up with activities for the kids (including one area where they can build their own truck).

Monster Jam Gravedigger Monster Jam Pit Party Monster Jam Scooby Doo Truck Nicole Johnson

I loved that there were so many women drivers and trucks that appealed to girls.  It was really heartwarming to see all the little girls in the audience in their Madusa shirts!

The Pit Party ended and we made our way to our seats for the main event.  We had a great view of the track and the night started with fireworks as the trucks made their way into the stadium.

Monster Jam Madusa Monster Jam Scooby Doo Truck

My favorite part of the night was having the opportunity to watch Max-D’s driver, Tom Meents,  attempt to do a front flip and become a new Guinness Book of World Record Holder!  Unfortunately, he did not get the record because all four of his tires did not land on the ground at once.  He landed on two and then did another flip.  Either way it was amazing to watch!
Max D World Record Max D Monster Jam Max D Front Flip

We had a fabulous time at Monster Jam’s Path of Destruction!  I highly recommend it.  To see when they will be in your area you can check them out here:

Twitter, Instagram, FacebookYoutube

Disclosure:  I received tickets for my family see Monster Jam in exchange for a honest review. No other compensation was received.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis Review {+ A GIVEAWAY!}

Sahara Sam's Oasis Review

Last month I packed up my family and ventured out to Sahara Sam’s Oasis in West Berlin, New Jersey.  It is about an hour and a half from our house in Staten Island but it is mostly highway driving so it felt like a shorter ride.  

Once we got there we were pretty impressed.  In order to enter the waterpark portion of Sahara Sam’s Oasis you walk through a very large (and might I add clean) arcade.  My daughter and nephew made us PROMISE that we could check it out after we were done swimming.

Sahara Sam's Oasis Arcade Sahara Sams Oasis

We rented a locker for our clothes and my purse and were given a cabana to use for the day.  There were two different sizes of locker.  You can see them both in the photograph below so you can get a better idea.  I was able to fit all of our stuff into a small one with no problem.

Behind the lockers were stalls where you could change and the men’s and women’s restrooms were to the right and the left in this same area.

Sahara Sams Oasis Changing RoomsEven though it was cold outside that day, the park was a wonderful 83 degrees.  It was a really nice treat to be able to be warm in a swimsuit after the seemingly never-ending Winter we had in NYC.  Speaking of bathing suits – I just want to take a second to shout out the awesome swimwear I got to don for this trip.  I was first introduced to Miraclesuit and Magicsuit at the Momtrends Traveltrends event (you can read more here) and I am OBSESSED with them.  The bathing suit that I wore totally held me in and prevented any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.  It made me look slim yet curvy in the right places and I totally dug the fringe.  I will definitely be wearing these suits from now on!  Plus, how cute is my cover-up?  LOVE!

Magicsuit Blair and Miraclesuit Fan Dance Caftan Magicsuit Blair and Miraclesuit Fan Dance Caftan Magicsuit Blair and Miraclesuit Fan Dance Caftan

 Anyways, back to my review.  When I first saw our cabana I thought it may be superfluous but later it became very handy for a number of reasons.  Firstly, my husband is still recuperating from a broken ankle so it was nice for him to have a place to rest.  Also, the kids were pooped by the end of the day and they took turns hanging out in the cabana.  We ate our lunch in there as well and it was nice to have a “home base”.  God forbid we were to get separated we told the kids to meet us back there.  We also left our towels inside and since it was at the foot of the waterslides we let the kids go up by themselves and we were able to sit and watch them.

Sahara Sams Oasis Cabana

We arrived around noon and I was scared that it would be packed but it was actually fine.  There were people there but the lines for the tube rides were pretty short and it did not feel crowded.  Later in the day it did get busier but it was not uncomfortable and we didn’t find ourselves waiting a long time for any of the slides or the bathrooms.

Sahara Sams Oasis Cargo Obstacle Course Sahara Sams Oasis Flow Rider Sahara Sams Oasis Lazy River Sahara Sams Oasis Lizard Lagoon Sahara Sams Oasis Tim Buk Tu

There is also a bar when you first walk in and an adults only hot tub next to it.  In the cabana next to us there was a Mom with a few tween boys and she hung out on a lounger, read her book and sipped a Pina Colada.  I didn’t think that seemed like the worst way to spend an afternoon.  I didn’t observe anyone acting drunk while I was there for the day and it seemed like a very mellow area.  There were a few people having drinks and the bartenders were very friendly.  I have read other reviews where the bloggers were SUPER offended by the bar but to be honest it didn’t bother me.  I didn’t see any difference between the bar here with kids running around and say a bowling alley with a bar or a sports complex with one.

Sahara-Sams-Oasis-Bar  We ate lunch there and the food was good.  I had a grilled cheese, my daughter had chicken nuggets and my husband and nephew had philly cheesesteaks.  I believe with drinks and fries the total was around $60.  I think that is a pretty standard price range for a family of four inside a facility like this.  

Sahara Sams Oasis Cafeteria

After swimming for a few hours we let the kiddos play in the arcade (as promised and they won a TON of tickets).  They picked a few prizes and we headed home.  

Sahara Sams Oasis

They had so much fun that they passed out in the car for the entire ride!  That is how you know it was a fun day!2015-05-02 18.02.35 (1)The kids are already asking when we can go back and honestly I can picture taking another trip there this Summer.  We went in May right before the Outdoor Beach Club section was open and I am eager to check it out.  We love a good wave pool!


For more information you can visit their website at www.saharasams.com.

The team at Sahara Sam’s has generously decided to host a giveaway so one lucky reader can win a four pack of tickets!  Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!  Good luck!  xo

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