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My Most Recent Rocksbox!

Rocksbox Review

I have mentioned in the past that I am not much of a subscription box person.  I play with the idea of signing up for Birchbox or Ipsy but honestly I don’t think I could use that many samples each month.  I also LOVE to read Stichfix reviews but I don’t have the body for it.  I am tall with a long torso so I have to try everything on and most of the time things are too short for me.  One thing that definitely fits me and makes me happy every time it appears in my mailbox is my ROCKSBOX!  Today I am sharing the details on my latest box (spoiler alert – it was a good one). Continue reading

My Latest Rocksbox!

Rocksbox Review

Happy Hump Day Loves!  I don’t know about you guys but I love to see what everyone gets in their subscription boxes.  Whether it is a Birchbox, Stitchfix, Glambox, etc.  I want to know what was inside.  I am totally nosy like that.  Hopefully you are too because it’s Rocksbox O’Clock!

I have had my current set since December 23rd.  Not because it was all that fabulous (although it is not the worst box I’ve ever gotten either), but because I am lazy and I totally forgot about it.

My current set includes:

Skyline Necklace


SLATE Skyline Necklace SLATE Skyline Necklace

This necklace was the worst thing in my current set.  The gems were VERY cheap looking.  It almost resembled costume jewelry that my ten year-old would buy at a toy store.  No bueno.  It did not help that it was $80!  Obviously this necklace was returned.


Kendra Scott
Fran Earring in Pink Agate


Kendra Scott Fran Earring in Pink Agate

These were actually pretty cute.  I did wear them a few times.  On the plus side, they were very lightweight and the pink color was gorgeous.  I liked them but I did not think they went with enough of my wardrobe to invest $52 in buying them.  


Teagan Cuff


Gorjana Teagan Cuff Gorjana Teagan Cuff

This cuff was a pretty, hammered gold.  I liked it and I wore it more than anything else in the box.  It was adjustable (which is good since I have fat wrists) and fit comfortably.  I have a similar bracelet from Express though so I did not buy this one at $96.  I think that was definitely more than it was worth.


All in all this was a decent box.  The items contained were expensive and I didn’t feel like I could not live without any of them.  At $19 a month for all three I do feel confident that i got my money’s worth and I cant wait to see what comes in next month’s set!

Do you guys subscribe to Rocksbox?  Have you gotten anything fabulous in recent boxes that I should add to my wishlist?

My Latest Rocksbox


Alright guys, I have been a super lazy blogger lately but now that it is September I plan to rectify this with more consistent posts.  I am starting today with a review of my recent Rocksbox! 

My current set includes:

Helios Necklace  $45



PicMonkey Collage

 This necklace is actually heavier and more substantial that it looks in photos.  I enjoyed it and I got a lot of use out of it.  The individual little bars tinkle against each other while you move and they sound almost like wind chimes.  While I do think it is worth the $45, I did not love it enough to keep it.

 Sophie Harper
Pave Dagger Studs in Gold  $28




These are not my style at all.  They are super small, the shape is awkward and the gems they use are dull and do not sparkle at all.  PASS!

 Jill Michael
Ball and Chain Necklace in Gold $43


JM-N7-1 (1)

This necklace was ehhhh.  I didn’t even wear it.  It was very plain and boring.  I don’t think it is worth $43.  It looks like the type of fashion jewelry that you can buy at any store for much cheaper and it feels flimsy in person.  All in all not my favorite piece.

 So, clearly this was not my favorite box but that is okay.  Not every box will be spectacular.  I did like the Slate necklace though and I certainly got $19 worth of use out of it in the weeks that I have had it.  Hopefully, next month I will get a pair of colorful statement earrings.  

Do you guys use Rocksbox?  Have you gotten any fabulous pieces that I should add to my wishlist?

If you are not signed up yet and would like to try a free month, you can use my code “alittleglitterxoxo“.

My Latest Rocksbox

Rocksbox A Little Glitter

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a Rocksbox set.  I got my last one and liked the pieces so I wound up keeping and wearing them fora a month and a half.  I just sent it in yesterday and I am stalking my Rocksbox account.  I cant wait to see what they send me next!

My last box included:

Crystal Chain Cuff  $50

2015-06-16 09.02.42

This bracelet was really pretty and it had a very cool magnetic lock.  Unfortunately, it was too small for me and left an indent in my one of my freakishly large wrists.  #fatwristproblems

 Kendra Scott
Lee Gold Earrings in Iridescent Drusy  $52


lee earrings

 I actually really liked these.  The white color was nice and they were good for Summer but they were smaller than I pictured.  I thought they would be the larger-sized, Kendra Scott earrings that you see everywhere.  They were miniature compared to that.  Otherwise they were cute and I did wear them a few times.  They were not worth $52 to me though. 

Greer V-neck Necklace  $52



I have worn this necklace pretty much every day since I got it.  (I am even wearing it as I type this.)  It is so dainty and perfect for every day.  It can be worn with casual clothes, fancy clothes, layered, worn alone.  It is so versatile.  Needless to say I BOUGHT IT!  My first Rocksbox splurge!  With my shine spend it was only $42.  While it was more than I would normally pay for a necklace I love it enough that I think it was worth it.

I cant wait to get my new Rocksbox and will share my goodies when they arrive.  In the meantime, if you are not signed up yet and would like to try a free month, you can use my code “alittleglitterxoxo“.

Rocksbox Review – Take II

Rocksbox Review #rocksbox #alittleglitter

Last month I shared a post about Rocksbox.  I have gotten two more boxes since then and I would like to provide a more in depth review.  

If you follow me on social media you may be Rocksboxed out at this point.  If that is the case, I totally apologize and you can exit and we will meet up again tomorrow.  Same place, same time, no Rocksbox. 

For those who are interested, here are my two cents:

My second Rocksbox started out as a bit of a bummer.  I put my first box in the mail and got the confirmation that a new one shipped the next day.  They had not even received my original box back yet.  I was pretty stoked for the quick turnaround time.  I started stalking the USPS website daily.  My package was due to be delivered on a Monday but never showed up.  By Wednesday I knew there was a problem.  I emailed customer service and they were so accommodating!  They sent out a new box that day, gave me a credit and apologized via email (for something that was not even their fault).  My new box came and I loved the pieces.  It contained:

Rocksbox Perry Street Kendra Scott Slate #rocksbox #alittleglitter

Perry Street Bleeker Crystal Earrings $35 RETURN

Perry Street Bleeker Crystal Earrings Rocksbox #rocksbox

 These earrings are big.  They are about the size of a quarter and they felt a little young (like my daughter should be wearing them).  I loved the clear crystal because it coordinated with everything but I didn’t love the size or the style.  They were very sparkly though.

Kendra Scott Grady Bangle in Periwinkle $36 RETURNKendra Scott Grady Bangle Periwinkle RocksboxEasy-Beachy-Waves-Tutorial-John-Frieda-Beach-Blonde-71

I’m on the fence about this one.  I got a lot of use out of it and I love the color of the bracelet.  However, I thought it was kind of cheaply made and I had to bend it open to fit it over my fat wrists.  I was afraid that after repeated use one day it would just snap.

Slate Spiked Pearls Necklace $70
Slate Spike Pearls Necklace RocksboxSlate Spike Pearls NecklaceI wore this one quite a bit.  If I were going to keep any of the pieces they sent – this one would have been it.  I love the juxtaposition between the spikes and the pearls and I appreciate the bit of sparkle.  That being said – I did not want to pay $70 for a necklace right now so the Rocksbox business model worked out for me.  I got to enjoy a beautiful (yet expensive) necklace and then send it back.  Perfect. 

So that’s the 2 month review. Still loving the service- still getting great jewelry!  It’s stuff that I love to wear but dont want to buy for myself.  

If you have any other questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below or email me: pamela@alittleglitter.com.


Don’t forget- to try a first month TOTALLY free, just go to the website and use code “alittleglitterxoxo“.

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