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Send Smiles!

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Send Smiles #SendSmiles

I love paper goods so much!  I bet you guys didn’t know that about me but I will own it – I am a total greeting card nerd.  If I had the opportunity to open my own little shop today, I would sell either stationary or purses.

I enjoy getting a card in the mail and my friends and I send them to each other quite frequently.  I have a bunch of them on display on the ledge of my desk at work.  Most of them feature a cat on the front, so it helpful to new people passing by.  It alerts them right away to my crazy cat lady tendencies.  

Lately, I have been noticing an upward trend in the price of greeting cards (ummmm really?  $9 for a card?).  When I’m buying a special one for my bestie it doesn’t bother me so much but when I have to buy ten for all the birthday parties Taylor has to go to this month it is not my favorite.  (Especially since I know that those kids are going to chuck the card the second the party is over.  I cant blame them.  I used to do the same thing when I was younger.)

Recently, I was introduced to Walmart’s card and gift section and I am totally obsessed!  They have EVERYTHING you need to also create an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.

Send Smiles #SendSmiles Hallmark Send Smiles #SendSmiles Hallmark Send Smiles #SendSmiles HallmarkThe best part is that they carry a line of cards from Hallmark (exclusive to Walmart) that start at 47 cents each!  They are NICE cards, too.  They are not cheaply made at all.  The last time I went I totally stocked up.  Here are some of my favorites:

Send Smiles #SendSmiles Hallmark

The total for all these beautiful Hallmark cards was less than $2!

I also picked up a birthday gift for my neighbor during my shopping.  She spends every day around the pool with her kiddos so I put together a little collection of things for her including a pretty, fluffy towel, magazines, a fun tumbler that will keep her drink cold and some candy.  I was able to spend more on her gift because I got her a beautiful card at only 47 cents! 

Send Smiles #SendSmilesHow do you make birthdays special for your friends and family?  You can find more fun gift and card ideas here.