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High Five For Friday!

High Five for Friday Graphic

It’s about that time again!  Woot woot!  I love writing this post!  It gets me all energized and excited for the weekend!  Here are my favorite moments from this past week:

1.  My sweet girl had a soccer game last weekend.  She plays goalie and she blocked some great shots!  I was super proud of her.  How cute are she and her friends in their uniforms?

Taylor Soccer

2.  My hubby and daughter gave me the most adorable presents for Mother’s Day and some beautiful flowers!  They always make me something really special and this year I got a giant mug that they painted and put flowers in.  I have to figure out what to use it for after the flowers die.  Is it wrong that I want to use it to drink coffee?  Sometimes I feel like I need a cup that big.


Me & T

3.  I read What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty this week and finished it within two days.  I couldn’t put it down!  I have bags under my eyes because I didn’t want to stop reading to go to sleep.  I kept promising myself I would go to bed in five more minutes but then I would extend the time.  Liane Moriarty also wrote The Husband’s Secret (which I liked) but I found this one to be so much more enjoyable.  At first I was afraid it was going to be a copy of one of my favorite books, Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella but it was very different.  The main character hits her head at the gym and loses the last ten years of her memory.  When she wakes up she has children she doesn’t remember, she is getting divorced from her husband (whom she dearly loved) and her hobbies/body/life is totally different.  I highly recommend this novel.  I’m sad I finished it.   

What Alice Forgot

4.  Okay, now don’t get me wrong here…I do not IN ANY WAY advocate domestic violence.  I do, however, LOVE when people on the internet create hilarious and creative memes having to do with popular scandals and current events. So, here are my favorite Jay Z/Solange memes:

Jay 3 Jay 4 Jay 5 Jay 6 Jay Z 2 jay-z-and-solange-memes 1

5.  I work in Manhattan and sometimes I forget how special it is.  Occasionally, I even hate it.  It can be crowded and dirty and loud and there are times when I am leaving on Friday afternoon to head back to the suburbs where I feel like weight is being lifted and I am escaping.  Other times (like yesterday) I walk out of my office and there is a huge marching band going by that stretches as far as the eye can see and it is so festive and unexpected and magical.  Then, I realize that If I worked in a sleepy village somewhere I would have had no chance of experiencing anything like that.  That is the beauty of NYC – anything can happen.  


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

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Meet At The Barre


High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday GraphicGood morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!  This week seemed never ending!  I woke up on Thursday and thought it was Friday.  Then, I remembered what day it actually was and it was such a letdown.  Anyway, it IS really Friday now so all is well.  This week I am linking up with The Lauren ElizabethThe Diary of a Real Housewife and Hello Happiness.  If you get a moment, you should swing by their blogs and show some love.

Without further ado, here are my five favorites from the past week:


Amaluna 2

1.  I just bought tickets for the family to see the new Cirque Du Soleil show, Amaluna, in April.  We go to a lot of their shows and I cant wait to see this one because there is water element to it that should be different and entertaining.  For those that don’t know – Cirque Du Soleil is a french circus.  It is full of colors, beautiful sets and costumes, amazing acrobatics and wonderful music – without any of the clowns or animals (which is a plus for me.  I don’t think the animals are treated properly and that is my least favorite part of Ringling Brothers and Big Apple Circus).  It is a more streamlined, grown up circus focused on the acrobatics.  I do see many children there and it is suitable for people of all ages but it is not as cutesy as a regular circus.  

Retainer Cases

2.  I went to my Dentist Sacramento for an adjustment in my Invisalign last month.  (My teeth shifted due to having a crown replaced.)  I went back on Saturday to pick up my trays and discovered there were 10 sets of them (20 weeks worth).  Also, my poor little Taylor had to pick up her spacer from the orthodontist this week.  (She has a narrow smile and has to wear this for about nine months before she can get her braces on.)  So, we have our little matching retainer cases in the bathroom.  This is not really a favorite now but I guess it will be when we both have perfect smiles in the future.  Also, it is really sweet how mature and responsible Taylor is with her spacer.  


3.  My hubby has been working a lot of overtime lately, so I have been trying to prepare dinners that I can make the night before and then easily re-heat (since we are eating a lot later than usual).  I made meatloaf this week that we had on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It was absolutely delicious and so nice to have a home-cooked meal despite our busy schedules.  If you are interested, the recipe is here.


4.  Taylor had her soccer luncheon and got a pretty fancy trophy.  It has a ball that spins and a plaque engraved with her name.  I just love her little face.


5.  This made me laugh.  I totally need one of these!  My hubby’s snoring is so loud.  

Okay lovelies, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  My birthday is Monday (St. Paddy’s Day) so we are going to dinner to celebrate on Saturday night.  We also have a birthday party for our friend’s adorable little girl so it should be a fun few days! 

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