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DIY Office Survival Kit

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DIY Office Survival Kit #Scotchclothingessentials

During the weekdays, in my non-blog life, I work with mostly men and tend to be the Mama Bear of my office. If anyone needs a bandage or a safety pin they come see me. What can I say? I like to be prepared and they know I will probably have that stuff. Last week while organizing my desk I went through my drawers and consolidated my office supplies for work into an Office Survival Kit. I noticed a few things that I had run out of and I picked them up (along with a super cute chalkboard basket) over the weekend at my local Walmart. While I was assembling my kit I realized that this would also make a very cute gift for a friend starting a new job, a college graduate or even a co-worker. My friend was telling me about another great gift for her business, which would be a great deal on her business energy. She is so tired of spending more then she has too on energy for her business so she turned to websites such as Usave. They helped her save a huge amount of money through a new fantastic quote. Continue reading

DIY Glitter Tumbler & The #40Pounds Challenge!

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#40Pounds Challenge Emergen-C DIY Glitter Tumbler

September is one of my favorite months.  The weather cools down and the mellow, lazy days at the beach are replaced by focus on a new school year and the beginning of Fall.  This September was a little bittersweet for me.  My baby went off to Middle School!  Her supplies bummed me out a little.  No more crayons or finger paints.  Instead, she needs a scientific calculator!  The school also provides all the kids with iPads and a lot of their work is done electronically.  Everything feels so mature.  She didn’t even want a lunch box!  Instead, she has opted to buy hot lunch. Continue reading

DIY Ribbon Wand Cat Toy

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DIY Ribbon Wand Cat Toy #IAMSCats As anyone who has spoken to me for more than five minutes can tell you – I am totally obsessed with my cats.  I got my first kitty, Jeter, a year and a half ago.  You can read more about that here.  He was such a wonderful addition to our family that I decided to adopt his baby brother for my daughter last Christmas.  She was desperate for a kitten that was “hers” and I knew having a brother around would be good for Jeter as well.  Enter, Nico:

Nico Bannon Lilac Point Balinese Cat

Nico is hilarious.  He is a kitten in every sense of the word.  He has tons of energy and he loves to play.  Sometimes, I come home to surprises that he has left for me (claw marks in my new curtains or a chewed up package) or I catch him perched on top of the refrigerator.  He can be so devious that I have taken to calling him Sneak-o.  I can’t stay annoyed with him for long though because he is such a little love bug.


Since Nico is so playful and fond of chasing things, I decided recently to make him a ribbon wand.  (He had a similar toy with a feather but he destroyed it.)   I had so much material that I made him two of them and I still have plenty left over.

 Materials Needed:

  • 12 Inch Wooden Dowel
  • Screw Eye Hook (I used 15/16 Inch)
  • 10 mm Jump Ring 
  • Duct Tape or Washi Tape
  • Ribbons
  • Bells

Step 1: Screw the screw eye hook into one side of the wooden dowel.  


Step 2:  Attach a bell to the screw eye hook using one of the jump rings.


Step 3:  Thread your ribbons through the jump ring and tie securely.  I chose to use three skinny ribbons.


Step 4:  Cover the dowel.  I used white Duct Tape for a clean look but you can use twine, ribbon, washi tape, fabric or whatever else strikes your fancy.


Step 5:  Play with your kitty!

#IAMSCat Ribbon Wand DIY Collage

Neeks worked up quite an appetite kittening around with his new toy so right afterwards he decided to take a break to nosh on his favorite IAMS™ cat food.



I have been feeding my boys IAMS™ dry food for a while now.  They recently reformulated their food so that you can customize your cat’s nutrition based on their specific needs.  There have dry food, wet food and treats that target specific dietary needs: hairball care, digestive health, and oral care.  (With long-haired cats I cant tell you how happy I am to use their hairball care line.  It has made quite a difference in my household.)  

I love that they now make treats and that I can grab a mega bag from one of my many monthly trips to Walmart so that I have plenty on hand for my cats.  


At the end of the day their health and happiness means everything to me.


5 Tips For Getting Settled After A Move

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#DoTheMicroTwist O-Cedar

It has been two weeks since I moved into my apartment and I am pretty much finished unpacking.  All of my past moves were simple compared to this one.  There was the initial fun move when my husband and I first decided to live together.  It was easy because we had to buy everything new (since we had nothing).  We brought in our clothes and spent time leisurely perusing Target for cutlery.  There was no truck.  There were no boxes.

Eventually, we bought a house.  At that point there was a U-Haul and Billy and his brothers carried our furniture and boxes into the house.  That one was exciting because I could not wait to get into our new home.  Plus, there was so much more room!  There were extra bedrooms, bathrooms and a finished basement.  We now had a backyard and a shed!  

This past move was an odd one because I was downsizing.  We sold our home (a friend recommended that we use someone like We Buy Houses to help us sell our quicker) and separately moved into apartments.  (Sidenote – I hate writing that because it sounds sad and makes it feel like a depressing situation but I assure you it was not.  It was an opportunity to reboot, de-clutter and start fresh.  Billy and I get along better than ever before and we spend tons of time together.  Our daughter is happy and we are in a great place.) 

This time around I went from a 3 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment and it was the most difficult move to date because I had lots of stuff and no place to put most of it.  When I had my house with a big kitchen I bought ALL of the gadgets (blender, slow cooker, Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, etc).  I had tons of room to store them in my pantry and finished basement.  Now, I have a kitchen with some cabinets and I feel like I should probably put food in there. 

 Even though this was a tough move, I did learn a few lessons along the way and I would love to share them with you because let’s face it: moving is hard.  You are leaving your home and going somewhere unfamiliar and that is scary.  Hopefully, these five tips can help you get settled in faster and cause you to feel less stressed during your next move.

1.  Set an unpacking deadline.

Untitled design (41)

In my last house I had boxes that were in my basement for six years.  SIX YEARS.  I literally never unpacked them.  We were moving out and they were still packed from when we moved in. The reason for that is that after a few weeks I lost momentum, got settled into my new space and started living my life again.  The important stuff was unpacked and put away by then and the things that I didn’t really need and had no place for just stayed in boxes.  In order to prevent that from happening in my apartment I set a deadline of two weeks.  That is not to say that I needed to have all the boxes unpacked within two weeks but I wanted to at least have a plan for everything in that time frame.  Obviously, there are exceptions.  For example, I have curtains that are still packed because my curtain rod has not arrived yet.  That is perfectly fine because I have a plan in place.  On the other hand, if there is a box full of assorted glass vases from the dollar store with no place to live – they need to be re-homed after two weeks.

2. Label your boxes and include a description.

#DoTheMicroTwist Boxes

The boxes that I found that most annoying and difficult to unpack in my previous move were the ones that were only labeled with what room they went in.  This time around I made the effort to include a description of the contents (even if it was just one word).  I also used a method that I recently saw on Pinterest and put a piece of colored duct tape on each box that coordinated with a certain room.  For instance, all of the boxes that were going in my living room had hot pink tape on them and all the boxes for the master bedroom had red tape.  It made it a lot easier to make sure they were in the right place. 

3. Pack up your cleaning supplies and bring them in your car to the new place.


 I knew I wanted to sweep up the living room quickly and mop the floor before my movers started bringing in my furniture.  Otherwise, I would have had to move the couches and rugs later on in order to get access to clean them and it would have been a pain.   During packing I gathered garbage bags (the big, black jobbies), a bucket, loads of paper towels, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, a toilet brush, a mop and broom and then during the move I brought them with me to the new apartment in my car.  This way I was able to run in before the truck got there and take care of the floors.  Plus, it was helpful to have garbage bags on hand to throw out the packing tape as I unpacked my boxes and I had the rest of my cleaning supplies handy so I could use them as needed and not have to search for them in the sea of boxes.

  I recently bought all new cleaning supplies and that included an O-Cedar MicroTwist™ mop.  I ordered it using Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping for the win) and I must say that I am obsessed with it.  I thought that all mops were the same but that is not the case at all.  This one has a extra large 16-inch head and because it is microfiber, it cleans up dirt and dust on the first pass.  That is EXTREMELY helpful when you have movers waiting to bring up furniture and you are in a rush.

IMG_4716 IMG_4732

4.  Start with your most difficult room.  

I think in the beginning of a move you are the most ambitious and eager to get things situated.  I used that inertia and started unpacking in my most difficult room.  For me, during this move, it was the bathroom.  I went from having two big bathrooms with linen closets to one decent sized bathroom with NO linen closet. I knew it was going to be challenging when I had to get a Toronto plumbing service to sort out the toilet before I even moved in! I am also a product hoarder so I was not looking forward to having to situate all that stuff.  I wound up buying a really cute over-the-toilet cabinet from Target and also a slim cabinet from Ikea.  After I sorted through my products and purged the items I don’t use I was able to fit it all.  Once I was finished with the bathroom (which I dreaded the most) everything else was a piece of cake.  

5.  Unpack one full room at a time.

Another tip I have that I think really helped me is to do one full room at a time.  For me, when I finished the bathroom from top to bottom and it was all clean and glossy and properly organized it motivated me to want the other rooms to look as nice.  It gave me a glimpse into how nice the apartment was going to be in the end and inspired me to keep moving. However, if you have just moved house all of your bathroom furniture may have not been fitted yet, for example, you may be waiting for a shower glass panel to be fitted. I would recommend that you start with a room that is nearest complete. This will allow you to have one room that is uncluttered and relaxing to be in. This also means that you will be able to focus on what you want to do with your house next in a clean space.  


Do you guys have any helpful tips or hacks to share about getting settled after a move?  Leave them in my comments!

Putting Your Best Face Forward With Neutrogena

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Neutrogena #SchooledByBeauty Collective Bias

Can you believe it is already August?  This Summer has sure flown by!  Last week my daughter got the assignment for her teacher for next year.  She immediately took to the phone and was pretty excited about the amount of friends she has in her class. 

Of course, that called for a trip to Target to get started on some back to school shopping and while I was there I also picked up some products for myself from Neutrogena.  Recently, I had to switch my birth control (sorry for the TMI) and the change in hormones has been wreaking havoc on my complexion.  Adult acne is NOT a good look.   I figured this was a good time to work on putting my best face forward.  I may not be heading back to school but I want my complexion to look like I am!

Target is running some awesome deals right now!  Until August 12th, when you buy three Neutrogena facial care products, you get one free.

Also, you can also download Target’s Cartwheel App to get a 10% off Neutrogena Cosmetics until August 29th.

Neutrogena Schooled By Beauty #SchooledByBeauty

I recently took a quiz on the Neutrogena website called solvemyacne.com.  It is extremely easy to use and will give you a full customized skin care plan based on your choices.  I took a screenshot of my results with me during my trip to Target so I knew exactly what to buy.

Neutrogena-Solve-My-Acne-SchooledByBeauty-1 Neutrogena-Solve-My-Acne-SchooledByBeauty-2 Neutrogena-Solve-My-Acne-SchooledByBeauty-3

One of the biggest issues I have lately is that I am SO TIRED at night and don’t feel like washing my makeup off.  After a long day I settle down on the couch and I cant motivate to get back up.  Enter my FAVORITE new item ever – Neutrogena’s Oil Free Cleansing Wipes.  I can use them in my bathroom while I brush my teeth or on the couch while I luxuriate with a certain grouchy-looking cat.  These have made my life so much easier.  I wish I would have known about these in college!  Being able to take my makeup off without leaving my dorm room would have been a lifesaver!  I used to sleep with my makeup on some nights because the thought of having to go all the way into the bathroom and wash my face was too daunting.  A lot of breakouts could have been avoided.

Neutrogena Schooled By Beauty #SchooledByBeauty Neutrogena Schooled By Beauty #SchooledByBeauty Neutrogena Schooled By Beauty #SchooledByBeauty

I also bought the Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer and the Oil-Free Acne Wash (with the pink grapefruit scent).  I really love the way they smell and already my face feels much smoother.  I use the wipes at night and the face wash and moisturizer in the morning.  I am pretty pleased with my new routine and feel ready to start the Fall with a beautiful complexion.

Be sure to check out more awesome beauty ideas from Neutrogena here.  I’d love to hear your favorite!