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Let’s Be Bad Moms! #BADMOMSNYC


 Last week my bestie and I got all dolled up to attend a fun screening of the new movie, Bad Moms in NYC.  This preview was hosted by The MOMS, Kidbox and Viva Towels.  Two of the actresses from this star-studded cast (Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn) were on hand to dish on all things Motherhood!  They really did not hold back and Kathryn Hahn is just as hilarious in person as she is on screen!

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The Moms and Secrets Resorts #HodaMamarazzi

Do you guys love Hoda Kotb?  She has some SERIOUS fans.  Earlier this month I was invited by the Moms to attend a luncheon at the Hunt and Fish Club in New York City to meet Hoda and celebrate the release of her new book.  I’ll be honest, at that point I didn’t really know much about her.  I work during the day and I am not around for her show, so I did not have an opinion on her at all.  I almost skipped the event altogether because of it.

When I told some of my non-blogger girlfriends about the invitation they INSISTED that I go.  They also begged me to get them a copy of the book.  I thought they were being a little crazy but when I went to the event there were girls that came from Canada to hear her speak.  The audience members that stood up gushed about how much they loved her.  People just adore her!

After this event I have to say that I can understand why.  Right off the bat when she came out I was impressed with her.  She had on a gorgeous pink dress that was totally appropriate for the event (but a little bit special at the same time).  She had a fabulous, glowing smile and just radiated happiness.

She talked about some of the struggles she endured (like having cancer and getting divorced at the same time) and how they caused her to change her perspective and she was so positive and inspiring.  There was no self pity, only hope.  Here is a video (courtesy of the Moms):

She spoke about her new book, Where We Belong, and I even got a signed copy in my swag bag!

Here is an description of Where We Belong from Goodreads:

From New York Times bestselling author and beloved Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb—inspiring stories of people who find their life’s purpose in unexpected ways, often surprising themselves and the ones they love.

Most of us wonder what we’re doing. We float around in the glass half-empty, gaze out into the world of possibilities, and wonder if we should get off of our raft and climb out. Maybe even today you asked yourself: Is it too late to do that thing that made me so happy when I was young? Could what matters most to me finally be the center of my life? Can I really trust this yearning voice in my head and longing in my heart? Do I feel like I’m where I belong?

In this incredible collection of stories, Hoda Kotb writes about individuals who realized their path in life was either veering off in a completely new direction or was getting too far off course from where they knew they belonged. By following their passions, their gut, and their heart, these people learned how fulfilling life could truly feel. From the investment banker who became a minister after years of working on Wall Street, to the young woman from a blue-collar background whose passion took her to Harvard Medical School, to the high-powered PR exec who found herself drawn to a pioneering residential community, to a “no-kids” guy who now helps children all over the world, the stories in Where They Belong come from an array of ordinary individuals who have discovered the power of embracing change or fighting for a dream. Hoda also interviews celebrities, such as producer Mark Burnett and actress/producer Roma Downey, comedienne Margaret Cho, and former boxer Laila Ali, all who’ve pursued their passions to find fulfillment.

With examples of perseverance, self-reflection, and new attitudes on life, Where They Belong is a motivating and inspirational look at exploring and finding the right path for your personal journey.

I have to say that this topic really resonated with me.  This last year was tough with my separation and a large part of the difficulty I had was amping myself up to make a change.  I could have stayed in my marriage even though I knew something about it was not right.  I could have muddled through and chalked all the fighting up to “that’s just what marriage is” and a lot of people think that I should have.  It is VERY scary to make a change and deal with the unknown.  I have so much respect for the people in Hoda’s book and I am so glad that I got a chance to listen to her talk about it.  It is not every day that you get to be in a room with someone that is so uplifting and charismatic. 

Thank you so much to the Moms, Secrets Resorts, The Hunt and Fish Club and Hoda Kotb for a lovely afternoon!

Cinderella, Frozen Fever and #2MagicalMinutes with OralB

444382If you ask any little girl who their favorite princess is these days chances are they will say Elsa or Anna.  Frozen is a total phenomenon.  If you were to ask me the same question I would definitely go with Cinderella!  She has been my favorite princess since I was a child.  When I first heard Disney was remaking Cinderella I was nervous but after the fabulous job they did on Maleficent I had faith that it would turn out okay.  Then, I saw the trailer and THE SHOES and knew the movie would be amazing. 

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to join The Moms, Oral B and Crest for a private screening of Disney’s Cinderella and Frozen Fever.  I wanted to bring Taylor but logistically it would have been difficult (since the theater was close to my job in NYC and she goes to school until 3 pm in Staten Island) and for some reason she was not wild about going.  She is moving more towards the tween genre now and I think she thought it would be too babyish for her.  

Before the movie began I got to preview the new Disney themed toothbrushes and toothpaste from Oral B and Crest and their fabulous Disney Magic Timer app.  I think this app is genius.  If you have a little one you know that getting them to brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes can be tough.  The app plays a little movie for them to watch starring their favorite characters (Cars, Frozen, Star Wars, Doc McStuffins, etc.) and counts down the two minutes so they stay entertained and look forward to brushing.  You can find more information here.  

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After that, I settled in with my popcorn and snacks and had a little chat time with Nicole from Mommy Tips by Cole, her charismatic daughters Emelyn & Maliya (you can check out their Youtube videos here), the super stylish Elle from Another Day Another Diaper and her hilarious daughters while we waited for the movie to start.    


Cinderella was wonderful.  I was totally blown away by the costumes and the styling!  Even though Cate Blanchett was the Evil Stepmother her outfits were exquisite.  


The movie stayed true to the original (which I appreciated because I love the story) and taught girls the valuable lesson to HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND.

I was so enamored with it that I convinced Taylor to see it with me.  I wound up watching it twice in less than a week and I loved it both times.  She adored both the Frozen short and Cinderella and I am glad I got to share them with her.  

Frozen Fever and Cinderella are now playing in a theater near you and if you have not seen them yet I highly recommend you check them out.