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Loving Lately…

Loving Lately...

Happy Hump Day!  Today I am sharing some of the things I am LOVING lately.

1.  Pantene Dry Shampoo – Blowdry Extend.  I got a sample of this from Rent the Runway with a dress and I am OBSESSED.  I used dry shampoo years ago and decided that I hated it.  It left a white powdery film on my hair and I thought it was gross.  This one is totally different.  It is an aerosol spray so it goes on like regular hair spray (instead of being a messy powder) and it smells fantastic.  No film and it makes my hair look fabulous.  

2.  Elchim 2001 Hair Dryer.  This is not new for me but my last one just fizzled out after seven years so I ordered a new one.  It is a little more expensive than your typical drugstore Conair but it works a billion times better, plus they have a great warranty and last for years.   My Elchim dries my hair super-fast and really makes a difference in the texture.  Total gamechanger!  I couldn’t live without it.  I even take it on vacation.  

3.  Tocca Florence.  This is my favorite candle ever.  I just bought myself one with a gift card I got for Christmas.  It is so delicate and pretty.  Definitely give it a smell if you aren’t familiar with the scent.

4.  Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter.  I had a massage recently at Bliss and the masseuse recommended this to me.  I use it after I shower at night and leaves the most delicate, fruity fragrance on my skin.  It drives my hubby crazy.  

What are you all loving lately?  Any good recommendations?

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Want It Wednesday – Mother’s Day Addition!

A Little Glitter - Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey Guys!  Mother’s Day is May 11th this year.  That is about two and a half weeks out. So, I figured I would use today’s cyber shopping spree as an opportunity to scope out things for Mom.  

1.  Tocca Florence Candle.  This scent by Tocca is my favorite thing in the entire World. This candle is so fancy and delicate.  It even comes with a little box of wooden matches. 

2.  Starbucks Create-Your-Own Tumbler.  My hubby bought this for me one year and had our daughter color a picture to put inside it.  I use it every day.  It feels like I am taking a piece of her with me to work.

3. Creme De La Mer.  Help Mom retain her youth with this uber famous moisturizer.

4.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight.  I have loved Marc Jacobs since his first scent was released in 2001 (geez, that just made me feel old).  His fragrances are light, refreshing and beautiful.  

5.  Ugg Nala Slipper.  Is there anything better than a cozy pair of slippers?  These are great for Moms, Wives, Grandmothers.  The color is adorable and Uggs are such a treat for your feet!