The #VTechNursery Design Challenge Hosted By Momtrends

Momtrends #VTechNursery

Recently, I was invited by Momtrends and VTech to attend brunch at Ludlow Studios where I would learn about the new VTech Safe & Sound VM344 Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor and participate in a fun nursery design challenge.  29744192882_85ff7b8e78_o

We enjoyed salads out of cute mason jars and mingled over cocktails from the Mimosa bar.  (Guava mimosas?  Can I just tell you right now that I am totally planning to use that idea at a party in the future!  YUM!)


As Nicole introduced us to the VTech Safe & Sound VM344 Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor one thing became very clear…MONITORS HAVE CHANGED!  The sleek and stylish baby monitor that we learned about is so different from the one that I had, it should be given another name.  It is like comparing an old brick cell phone from the early 90’s to Apple’s latest offering. 29822577276_a8c4799a07_o

Some of my favorite features are: 

-The Temperature Sensor.  It is nice to be able to look at the readout on the screen and know that your baby’s room is comfortable for them.

The 4.3-Inch LCD High-Resolution Screen.  The picture on this is crystal clear!  Plus, it automatically shifts to infrared night vision in a dark room so you will be able to tell if your baby is sleeping soundly.

– The Pan & Tilt Camera.  How cool is that?  It also zooms in for a better view.


The VTech Safe & Sound VM344 Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor is high tech and modern but it is also adorable.  I love the cute owl camera.  I think it would fit right into any nursery decor.

VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera

 Speaking of nursery decor…after we were finished eating we broke up into three teams to choose accessories and compete at designing the most stylish nursery.

Here was what we had to choose from:


The other ladies on my team were,, and

We had really different styles (some like a minimalist look and some – ahem me – gravitated towards pink and more girly accessories).  

29774906951_de204543a4_o 29774923611_1f6d9c9024_o 29774923721_bddbd95f36_o 29822573646_6a28cc3312_o

We all compromised a bit and our room came out fantastic!  We didn’t win but we did have a great time!29822570326_eb9502169c_o29857855495_348d7c5426_o

Thank you Momtrends for sponsoring this post! 

4 thoughts on “The #VTechNursery Design Challenge Hosted By Momtrends

  1. kristen

    oh your nursery turned out fabulously, especially if you all had such different styles. that’s so cool that monitors have changed so much and can do all sorts of fancy things. i think i have heard of that brand (from buying gifts for friends) and i LOVE that owl one! so freaking cute.

  2. Nadine

    What a fun event you got to go too!!! I wish we had this around here. It took me FOREVER to pick a damn monitor because there are so many options these days! The one I went with is video with temperature checks and stuff too! Ummm Guava mimosas sound amazing!!!


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