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For the past few years I have gotten my hubby tickets for his birthday to watch his beloved Yankees play an away game.  I buy great seats to the game and then book flights/hotel accommodations and we have a nice little weekend away together.  This year I got tickets for the Toronto Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre.  Neither of us had ever traveled to Toronto and I was pleased to learn that it was only an hour and a half flight from New York.

When I started doing research on hotels it became clear to me that the most luxurious and fabulous one seemed to be the Trump International.  It was so swanky and I had my heart set on staying there.  The only problem was the cost.  The rooms for that weekend were around $500 per night.  I just could not justify paying that much.  Enter my good friend –  I was able to figure out that the Trump was the only five star hotel in it’s area on the Priceline map.  I wound up successfully bidding on it for around $230 a night.  SCORE!

You know how sometimes you look forward to something and it doesn’t live up to the hype?  The Trump was precisely the opposite of that.  From the moment I walked in I knew it was going to be a great few days.  One of my favorite details there is that they pump scent into the lobby through the vents.  The only other time I have experienced that was at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  This was better though.  The smell was fabulous.  I asked the Concierge and she advised that they are working on a line of candles incorporating the smell and I will definitely be buying one when they come out.

I am just going  to do the rest of this post with pictures and a small amount of commentary.

I grabbed my travel essentials (passport, May Book and magazines) and headed over to Newark to hop on my Porter Airlines flight with the hubs.

Plane Selfie

May Book

One of the first things you notice upon landing in Toronto is the CN Tower.  It is really breathtaking.  

CN Tower

Next we walked into the beautiful lobby at the Trump International.  There are 1300 pounds of Swarovski crystals that make up that cherry blossom art installation.  It was gorgeous in person!

Trump International Lobby

Our room was absolutely amazing.  Billy’s favorite part of the trip was the baseball and mine was BY FAR the room.  There was a PILLOW MENU.  Yes.  That really happened.



6 7




There was a lot of this:


and this:

13Next we went over to Rogers Centre to catch the Yankees vs Blue Jays Game.  



Our seats were great.  They were only $71 each, too.  In New York they would have demanded my first born for those kind of seats.   

2014-08-30 12.51.28 2014-08-30 12.59.03 2014-08-30 15.01.59 IMG_1976 IMG_1977

That night we went to dinner at the CN Tower’s revolving restaurant, 360.  You get a really beautiful view of the City and it is very dimly lit and romantic.  Also, included with your meal is admission to their glass floor level and the open air balcony.

2014-08-30 22.58.15 10622814_10202310453151199_1399653778502284491_n 10632645_10202310452191175_1683268188694332835_n

We had so much fun at Rogers Centre that the next day we decided to get more tickets on Stubhub and head over for another ball game.  We bought cheap, upper level seats and had a blast.  The fans there were so nice and we made friends with all the people around us.  Also, even though we were so high up we were right behind home plate so we had a great bird’s eye view.

2014-08-31 16.16.13 10600395_10202320043550953_2569114535496550203_n 10603683_10202320043350948_903429061588991736_n

The next day we did some great shopping and then set out on our journey home.  Our flight was delayed a bit but all in all we had a great trip and I could definitely picture us heading back up to Toronto in the future.


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  1. Biana

    That hotel looks seriously insane and a pillow menu – I could just live there!! Go you for attending two games – that’s two more than I could handle lol!

  2. Amanda Elizabeth

    You had me at pillow menu! Seriously isn’t priceline the best?!?!? We use it every time we travel! I really love this idea I think I’ll start doing these little trips for Mark after we are married. Great way to escape for a long weekend for pampering and they get to see a game!

  3. lkn106

    You two are the cutest!! We do the same thing with the Red Sox (shh don’t tell!) and now you have me wanting to make next year’s trip Toronto! I mean, a pillow menu? Yes please!

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