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 Good morning!  Welcome to my last Weekending post for March.  Pretty soon it will be April and hopefully Mother Nature will have her stuff together and start bringing us the warm, Springy weather that we deserve!  I am starting to feel like I live in Seattle.  Yesterday was nice but today we are back to the grey, wet, cold.  Bleh.  This weekend was interesting (to say the least) and definitely full of excitement.

FRIDAY – After work I went with Billy and T to Roll N Roaster in Brooklyn for some magnificent roast beef sandwiches and cheese fries.  As though dinner was not decadent enough they managed to talk me into Coldstone for dessert.  I probably gained 40 pounds from that one meal but it was totally worth it.

2015-03-27 19.38.41 2015-03-27 20.14.04

SATURDAY – I began the day by meeting up with a girlfriend for brunch.  We had a great meal.  Every part of it was perfect and we sat there laughing and talking for about two and a half hours.  It was a great time.  

2015-03-28 11.56.38 2015-03-28 12.04.26

After brunch I went home and got started making a roasted chicken.  (It took a few hours to cook so I had to put it in early for it to be ready for dinner that night.)  It came FABULOUS!  The secret to making a really good chicken or turkey is the create a pocket in between the skin and stuff it.  In this case I threw some butter, garlic, onion powder and Italian seasoning in my mini prep and then put that in there.  It was so so yummy.  I am realizing that I did a lot of eating this past weekend.

2015-03-28 17.44.06

I let Taylor have to friends sleep over to watch the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  We were all hanging out on the couch watching and eating popcorn when Zendaya came on the screen.  She was wearing a VERY severe bob and one of the girl’s said, “she looks like Dora”.  It was such a hilarious observation that I couldnt help myself from creating a Meme (you know how I love them) and posting it on Instagram.

2015-03-29 01.53.53

This is where the story takes a strange turn.  Apparently Zendaya saw the meme and liked it.  All of a sudden my Instagram started blowing up.  I was getting like 5 likes a second.  It was madness.  Somehow, her tween fans could tell that she liked my picture.  (I am still not absolutely sure how.)  Then, they started to clue in to the fact that I was making fun of her and turned on me.  Pretty much hundreds of kids left comments calling me, “old, crusty, racist, mean, washed up, etc.”  I contemplated taking it down for a while because it was attracting a lot of negative attention but I think it is funny, I made it and I decided to own it.  I didn’t care for her hair in the bob and I didn’t like her dreads.  My opinion.  I deleted some of the more violent and creepy ones but the rest are just magic.  Here are a few of my favorites:

 “You just mad that you couldnt look 1/999 as good as her on a good day.”

“It is so sad when an old tired person feels like she needs to bring down young beautiful women to make themselves feel young again>”

“Bitch shut your ugly ass up.  Zendaya look 10x better than you on her worst day.  While you up here talking trash, zendaya getting more famous.  You dumb fuck.”

Bwahahahaha!  I cant.  I know those comments should hurt my feelings but I find them so freaking hilarious.  I am literally crying with laughter as I write this.  I am contemplating doing a video like Mean Tweets where I read them aloud.

SUNDAY – After Taylor’s friends left I went out and crushed everything on my incredibly long to-do list.  I felt like it would take me all day but I wound up just knocking things out.  After that I had time to hang with T on the couch and then we went to the park for a bike ride.  It was Sunny for a change and we wanted to soak it up.

2015-03-29 11.10.23 2015-03-29 17.44.30

 All in all a pretty crazy, mostly good weekend.  I am linking up with my girl, Biana, today for weekending.  If you get a moment, stop by her blog and check her out.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday!

  1. Nadine

    Oh man, those cheese fries look amazing!!! I love the shape of them! Like little potato discs! And your chicken is just beautiful! Yum! I have yet to attempt to try to roast one myself but I really want to. One day…one day.

    I LOL’d when I saw your meme and completely agree with you. Those comments would make me laugh too! It is like the girls that follow One Direction and post crazy stupid shit…like get a life! haha! Have a great week!

  2. Amanda Elizabeth

    Ummmmmm apparently don’t piss off tween fans right??? Dang they are mean!!! Makes me never want to be 14 again! On another note those cheese fries literally just stopped me in my tracks!

  3. kristen

    omg i cannot believe the fans being mean to you like that! that is seriously childish and embarrassing. you weren’t being horribly mean, just being a bit funny. who cares? get over it, jeepers.
    meanwhile all the food looks ahhhmazing. especially the coldstone… yum.

  4. Kate @ Green Fashionista

    All that food looks amazing, I’m now officially hungry! And I am continually amazed at how nasty people are on social media, and I count all my blessings that social media wasn’t around when I was growing up. Can you imagine the extra bullying/drama/peer pressure that stems from it? Ugh…

  5. Pamela

    OMG I can’t even deal with all of your amazing food. Seriously those cheese fries are making me drool. I need them in my life! Umm I can’t believe your Insta pic! WTF is wrong with people. I thought it was hilarious. People seriously need to grow up and get over themselves!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. lkn106

    I want to eat everything you did this weekend please! SO yummy! I can’t even get over the Insta sitch! The picture you put up was so spot on and even Zendaya seemed to take it with a sense of humor! What is wrong with the cray crays?!


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