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Today I am linking up with my girl, Kristen, who is the author of one of my favorite blogs.  She is so funny and honest and refreshing and when I read her posts I feel like she is sitting next to me talking.  She has a very personal way of writing that makes you feel like she is your friend in real life.  Basically, I love her.  Haha!  If you get a chance, head over and check her out.

January was an odd month for me.  We had our first (and hopefully only) blizzard of the Winter and then I was sick for a whole week.  I spent A LOT of time hanging around at home.  At first it was cute.  Yay!  A blizzard!  Jammies and movies on the couch with Taylor!  By the end of the next week of being sick I was going stir crazy and I couldn’t wait to get back to reality.  I hated every single thing on TV at that point.  Anywho, here are some of things the highlights from january:

Reading: You Had Me At Hello.  I am reading this for Literary Ladies book club and I am loving it so far!  Here is the Goodreads synopsis:

You Had Me At Hello

“What happens when the one that got away comes back?
Rachel and Ben. Ben and Rachel. It was them against the world. Until it all fell apart.
It’s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.
From the moment they met they’d been a gang of two; partners in crime and the best of friends. But life has moved on. Ben is married. Rachel is definitely not. In fact, the men in her life make her want to take holy orders…
Yet in that split second, Rachel feels the old friendship return. And along with it, the broken heart she’s never been able to mend.
If you love David Nicholls and Lisa Jewell then this is the book for you. Hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between, you’ll be hooked from their first ‘hello’.”

Listening:   Ellie Goulding’s album, Delirium,  has been playing on repeat lately.  It’s so good!  She is playing a concert in NYC in June and I am dying to go.  I really want to bring Taylor but it is the night before her last day of school.  Best Mom or worst Mom?  I cant decide…


Watching: Survivor.  Taylor is obsessed with it and has been watching all the past seasons on Hulu.  I was avoiding it because I never really watched it when it was on TV and my perception of the show is that they had to eat a lot of gross things (like bugs).  Vomiting is not something I look for from a TV series.  Recently, I caved though amidst Taylor’s promises that she has watched a few whole seasons and there have been no eating challenges.  I must say that now that I have given it a chance I am pretty into it as well.


  Working On: Losing 10 pounds by my birthday.  My birthday is March 17th and I am trying to shave off ten pounds by then.  I have been watching my eating most of the time (although full disclosure – I just ate a sesame bagel) and working on being more active.  Mostly using my iPhone health app and it’s step counter, which I am totally obsessed with!  I really need to start going back to the gym though.  I feel like maybe if I buy some cute workout gear it will motivate me?  I have been eyeing this shirt:

il_fullxfull.767421940_4c4kSo, that’s it.  What’s new with you? 


19 thoughts on “What’s New With Me

  1. Heather H

    that shirt is cute! lol!! I love Kristen’s blog and her writing style too…you described it so well. You feel like you’re just chatting wtih a friend when you read her posts 🙂

  2. Carly

    I’m so with you on the blizzard seeming fun at first, but then when you realize you can’t really go anywhere it’s not nearly as exciting. I’ve been trying not to buy any books this year, but I think I might end up caving on that one for the book club- it sounds so cute. And new workout gear is always great motivation to stick with it 🙂

  3. kristen

    aw shucks thank you so much for your kind words girl! you are the sweetest. i feel the same about you, duh! i think it helps that we met and had cocktails together and that is still one of my most fun nights with you girls, gosh that was fun. that bartender was hilarious, i don’t know why i remember him but i do. he thought he was fabulous that’s for sure. thanks for linking up with us!

    glad you are liking that book, i am excited to read it!

    i never attended a ‘last day of school’ hahaha because we always drove down to melbourne the night before.. so i say best mom idea 😉

    i thought they ate bugs on survivor as well. definitely not my cup of tea but i might have to check it out if you say they don’t eat bugs hahaha.

    that shirt!!! i love it. i needed it. you are not good for my wallet! lol. good luck on 10lbs girl, you can do it! i lost almost 5lbs in january but i found it again… my bad. i really want to lose 10-15 before our cruise in june. i just don’t feel good in a bikini right now, you know? maybe that tank will help.. yes, i think so.

  4. Andrea Nine

    A St. pattys baby!! How sweet! You go girl, you can do it!! Can you believe I have never seen Suvivor? I felt the same as you but maybe it’s good if Taylor likes it!! 😉 Fun post!!

  5. Ashley

    I’ve been playing the dieting game since the New Year too, and it’s been tough but totally worth it when you start to see the scale go down.
    That’s awesome that you’ve already started on the Literary Ladies book for next month! I’ve missed the past few books because I was in the middle of reading challenges, but I’m determined to read this one! It sounds so cute, plus the cover is adorable!

  6. Nadine

    The book club book sounds so cute!! I need to throw it on my TBR list. I love Ellie Goulding! Everything she touches is gold in my book. And that shirt is so perfect!!! I always like to tell myself that new work out gear motivates me but the truth is I just like new stuff in general hahaha.

  7. Gretchen | Gretchruns

    That shirt is amazing! I think I need it 🙂 I love to binge watch Survivor, but I’m not as into it when I have to wait a week between. So thank goodness it’s on Hulu! I also love Ellie 🙂 Thanks for linking up..I’m also obsessed with Kristens blog!

  8. texerinsydney

    Everything you said about Kristen in your first paragraph is so true. She’s such a special person!! That tank you posted is darling!!

  9. Marie

    Sorry to hear that you were sick. I’m always excited for big snow storms and then after shoveling for hours I’m like oh this sucks. Plus, getting around with all that snow can be so difficult. We are suppose to get 8 inches today.


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